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Mint: Politics and education by Anurag Behar

April 30 , 2014
Politics of education can’t win immediate elections, but can shape the political character of society significantly

Anurag Behar: School in the desert

April 2 , 2014
Go and visit government schools and you will realize how false the popular narrative of most of them being shoddy is

Education: Who is accountable? By Anurag Behar

March 19 , 2014
Teachers and others in the school system have a definite responsibility, but not mechanistic accountability.

Big small steps

March 5 , 2014
A few motivated teachers, basic support from the system and a sense of public good is all that is needed to spur our children to excellence

Politics trumps Economics

February 25 , 2014
School vouchers will make problems worse, both in terms of quality and equity in the Indian education system

Mint: Fun with history? By Anurag Behar

January 22 , 2014
History in schools continues to be a dreary list of dates and varnished mono-narratives. Children are right to detest the history they are made to study

Anurag Behar: A day on the road

January 10 , 2014
The schools opened up three-four weeks after the deluge and to operate, they have to manage a range of activities. All of it is simple elsewhere, but not there

Human Capital: Making CSR meaningful by Dileep Ranjekar

January 6 , 2014
A few weeks ago I was invited by an organization, which facilitates and advises corporate organizations, to structure their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. They had also invited business leaders and CXOs of reputed companies to share their views. The gathering boasted of people who were the beneficiaries of the progress that the country made since the liberalization of economic policies. This group were also among those who have realized that they too have responsibilities towards the society they live in.

Myths of Privatopia by Anurag Behar, in Mint

December 25 , 2013
India’s education will not improve till our public education system improves. There is no other way out

Government, Azim Premji Foundation ink pact

February 29 , 2008
The Puducherry government and the Azim Premji Foundation on Thursday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct an experimental project of computer-aided learning in 40 government primary schools. 

More funds likely for education

November 7 , 2007
Since quality human resource development is the need of the hour, we have to plan and work towards that. We want to make modern classrooms in government schools with better facilities. We are studying as to how this could be done at the primary level and will soon sign an agreement with the Azim...

Tools for effective literacy drive

October 5 , 2007
Linking livelihood with literacy, the participants at the ICT for literacy workshop for E-9 countries felt, would lead to better productivity paving way for greater economic development.