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Human Capital: Authority-Nemesis of effective organizations by Dileep Ranjekar

November 28 , 2013
Angela, the Chief CSR Officer of a large multinational with presence in India, was narrating to me her experiences during her first visit to India.

Mint: The meaning of Sachin by Anurag Behar

November 27 , 2013
Sachin has shown us that you can be decent and still conquer the world, and that you can conquer the world and still be decent

"Education in India: There's still hope," by Anurag Behar, published in Mint

November 13 , 2013
Schools driven by profit don’t bother much about education, or about their children. But there is a ray of hope

The ideology of education by Anurag Behar, published in Mint

October 30 , 2013
The fact is that there is no substitute to a good public education system, and we have to build that

Education in India: getting back to basics by Anurag Behar

October 16 , 2013
India needs to focus on the basics of its educational system. Private and govt is an irrelevant dimension of differentiation

NREGA workers kept waiting for wages – by Himanshu Upadhyaya

September 18 , 2013
A performance audit of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in Karnataka reveals delayed payment of wages, sometimes by three months or more, to nearly five lakh workers under the scheme during the period 2009-12. Himanshu Upadhyaya looks at the key audit findings and connects the dots.

Transition from the corporate to the social sector by Anurag Behar, published in Mint

September 18 , 2013
The social sector already has committed people, but the scale of the issues are such that many times more the number are needed

“Education system should have ideal, not practical, goals,” by Anurag Behar published in Mint

September 5 , 2013
Articulating practical goals for a system only deepens inequity in an already iniquitous structure

Dileep Ranjekar: Our Biggest Challenge is to Improve Teaching competence, published in Forbes India

September 4 , 2013
While we have taken the school to children in over 99 percent of our villages, the quality and equity of education has remained elusive

Seeking philosophers by Anurag Behar, published in Mint

September 2 , 2013
Since education has a deep impact on the next generation, it is important that teachers become reflective practitioners