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Gangs of Malpura by Anurag Behar published in Mint

Live Mint
June 27 , 2012
Change is fired by institutional structures that support intellectual exchange and capacity development, fostering a sense of connectedness and being valued.

A canticle for libraries by Anurag Behar published in Mint

Live Mint
June 13 , 2012
The hard thing is that you cant infuse jaan by donating books or legislating, it can come only from love.

What to teach? by Anurag Behar published in Mint

Live Mint
May 16 , 2012
Does the act of deciding to remove a cartoon from a textbook override the legitimacy of the constitutional vision?

'Education and marketing,' by Anurag Behar published in Mint

May 2 , 2012
We need to be cautious about excessive use of ‘market terminology’ in education, which often clouds the key issues and diverts the focus of debate.

'RTE must be extended to minority schools also,' by Sudhir Krishnaswamy & Varsha Iyengar published in Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle
April 29 , 2012
On April 12 2012, the Supreme Court in the Society for Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan v Union of India upheld the Constitutional validity of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. Several private schools had challenged the Constitutionality of the Act. 

'First, fix the teacher-pupil ratio,' by S. Giridhar published in The Indian Express

The Indian Express
April 19 , 2012
Right now all the talk is about how the government will implement the RTE. Actions that seek to improve the quality of education in India’s government schools will directly benefit a majority of our children. Much needs to be done. I have merely presented one immediate actionable item within the government’s control — rationalise the distribution of teachers as a way of addressing the teacher-pupil ratio problem. Demonstrating something as doable as this is critical, because for most of our children, government schools are still their only hope.

'Silver bullets in education,' by Anurag Behar published in Mint

April 4 , 2012
A belief that somehow the ills of our schooling can be fixed by changing policy is widespread. Some policies can certainly be improved, but for the most part, the issue is in the implementation of the education policies. And like all implementation, the devil is in the details, which by its very nature is so diffuse that no silver bullet can fix it.

'Building an ethical society,' by Anurag Behar published in Mint

March 21 , 2012
It’s obvious that no child will learn values by having a subject called values education. Values are shaped through slow, complex social processes that an individual lives through, not by being “taught” in a classroom. The social processes and relationships in the school are the key determinants of fostering and shaping values. Thoughtful curriculum, including books, which deeply integrates these values and their implied sensibility in a non-didactic manner have a supportive role.

'RTE and some realities,' by Anurag Behar published in Mint

Live mint
February 22 , 2012
Good intentions are accelerating the ghettoization and the withering of the public education system.