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Azim Premji University: Exemplary gift to Indian education

Education World
May 5 , 2011
With the Azim Premji University all set to receive its first batch of students on July 11, excitement is building up within the country’s academic community about this unprecedented education-centred philanthropic initiative of media-shy Bangalore-based IT billionaire Azim Premji who has...

The 2011 TIME 100: Azim Premji

TIME Specials
April 21 , 2011
Ultimately, how he approaches philanthropy could prove to be just as important as how much he gives. His philanthropic work has been characterized by collaboration and transparency. He is setting a remarkable example for those who have benefited so enormously from India's economic expansion and...

Premji varsity aims at improving education system

The Times of India
April 14 , 2011
Azim Premji University (APU), expected to come up in Bangalore, will aim at sharpening the existing skills of those working in education. The much-delayed Bill on Karnataka's first private university was cleared by the Assembly on Thursday.

Azim Premji University: An institution focused on education and development

India Education Review
April 14 , 2011
This university is unique in terms of theory-practice linkage as this university is based in Bangalore but its programmes are spread across India where the students will not only study inside classes but will also go into the society to have better understanding of the course. As said by Anurag...

TISS, Azim Premji Foundation join hands

April 8 , 2011
Both APF and TISS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish Azim Premji School of Education (APSE) at TISS’ Hyderabad campus. Besides offering degree courses, the school would also be carrying out research work in the field of education, the results of which will be shared...

Anurag Behar is VC of Premji varsity

The Hindu
March 23 , 2011
The new Vice-Chancellor, who has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from XLRI, Jamshedpur, and a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Regional Engineering College, Tiruchi, has been recognised by the World Economic Forum as a ‘Young Global Leader'. 

Azim Premji varsity begins admissions

Deccan Herald
March 12 , 2011
Azim Premji University, the state’s first private varsity focused solely on primary education, is all set to open its doors to students this summer. Set up early last year, the university has begun to accept applications for three programmes -- MAs in education, development, and teacher...

India schools get gift from billionaire Azim Premji

BBC News South Asia
February 1 , 2011
"We didn't want to go into establishing islands of excellence," Mr Behar says. "We could have said, let's establish 100 great schools where we would take underprivileged children. "But 100 great schools would be just that - 100 great schools. Now 100, 200 or 2,000 is a...

How Premji's philantrophic trust is educating children

The Economic Times
January 6 , 2011
First, the foundation doesn’t just give grants to other NGOs and expect them to do the job. It is implementing projects on its own — its current staff of 350 will grow to 5,000 in 20 states in five years, making it one of the biggest social sector organisations. Second, in a country...

For competent and caring teachers

The Hindu
December 13 , 2010
Karnataka's first private university to be set up under a special legislative Act — Azim Premji University — is all set to begin offering its post-graduate programmes from the academic year 2011-12. The University campus, which is taking shape on 75 acres of land on Sarjapur Road,...

Column by Anurag Behar in Mint: Education in the land of extremes

June 26 , 2014
Across the country, we have teachers at both extremes; they all need support to become better, not derision and neglect.

Column by Anurag Behar in Mint: Perils of innovation

June 11 , 2014

What’s common to things that are claimed as innovation in education is that they have been tried before, with limited or no success

Column by Anurag Behar in Mint: Education agenda for the new Government

May 28 , 2014
Given the mandate that the BJP has received, it does have the political capital to support a new education agenda

Mint: Politics and education by Anurag Behar

April 30 , 2014
Politics of education can’t win immediate elections, but can shape the political character of society significantly

Anurag Behar: School in the desert

April 2 , 2014
Go and visit government schools and you will realize how false the popular narrative of most of them being shoddy is

Education: Who is accountable? By Anurag Behar

March 19 , 2014
Teachers and others in the school system have a definite responsibility, but not mechanistic accountability.

Big small steps

March 5 , 2014
A few motivated teachers, basic support from the system and a sense of public good is all that is needed to spur our children to excellence

Politics trumps Economics

February 25 , 2014
School vouchers will make problems worse, both in terms of quality and equity in the Indian education system

Mint: Fun with history? By Anurag Behar

January 22 , 2014
History in schools continues to be a dreary list of dates and varnished mono-narratives. Children are right to detest the history they are made to study

Anurag Behar: A day on the road

January 10 , 2014
The schools opened up three-four weeks after the deluge and to operate, they have to manage a range of activities. All of it is simple elsewhere, but not there

Azim Premji University Public Lecture Series - Rule of Law in a Developing Society by Pratap Bhanu Mehta on 18 May, 2012

Law is often treated as an autonomous, self contained domain, and the rule of law a self evidently desirable attribute of a good society. This lecture examines some special challenges that the idea of the rule of law poses in a developing country.

Ecological Crises, Digital Humanities and New Political Assemblies - A lecture by Bruno Latour

Ecological crises in contemporary times have created problems for political representation. Existing political assemblies cannot handle these crises due to their scale, the esoteric character of the scientific knowledge necessary to apprehend them, and the intensity of conflicts of values that they generate.  Digital resources suggest new possibilities for mapping the heterogeneous networks which link scientists, decision makers, media, citizens and other participants in public debates over ecological issues.  They can create political assemblies where contending world views and modes of reasoning engage each other.

Food Security in India: Challenges and Recent Developments, Dr. Zakir Hussain Memorial Lecture

Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi & Azim Premji University, Bangalore cordially invite you to the Dr. Zakir Hussain Memorial Lecture followed by a musical by Steve Gorn and Pandit Dr. Nagaraj Rao Havaldar

Azim Premji University Public Lecture Series: 'A Conversation with George Soros'

In the last three years, the global economic system has confronted unprecedented and profound financial instability. The legendary investor, Mr. George Soros will, in conversation with Anurag Behar Vice Chancellor of Azim Premji University, present his views on the implications of the current state of the world economy and on current policy responses to the ongoing U.S and European Financial Crises. He will discuss the role of Asia, and particularly India, in the future of the global financial system. He will also elaborate on his current philanthropic efforts aimed to helping refocus the field of economics to face the challenges of the coming century.

Fostering Inclusiveness, Plurality and Equal Opportunity

Delivering the first lecture in Azim Premji University Public Lecture Series, social activist Aruna Roy talked about certain key governance issues that are the matter of intense public debate. Drawing from her experience with MKSS and NCPRI, she stressed upon the need to build institutions that fosters Inclusiveness, Plurality and Equal Opportunity. She shared her experiences in pushing for legislations such as Right to Information that has paved way for broader public accountability and participation in governance.