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Azim Premji Schools in Rajasthan

Azim Premji School, Sirohi

This year we started two schools in Rajasthan; one in Sirohi and another in Tonk.

Currently the school in Sirohi is located in a five room building that houses three classrooms, an office and a staffroom. There are a total of 42 children across classes 1, 2 and 3.

The childrens’ parents are primarily agricultural laborers, farmers, auto drivers and daily wage earners. A couple of parents are comparatively better off and run small businesses

Number of students:

  • Class 1 - 19 students
  • Class 2 - 12 students
  • Class 3 - 11 students

Number of teachers: A total of 8 teachers, 2 male and 6 female.

Working hours: The school timings are from 7.30 am – 12.20 pm. 

Activities: Like in all our schools children get an opportunity to play and expose themselves to music, art and craft. One hour in the time spent in school is set aside for either of these activities. Unfortunately because they are temporary premises, the school lacks its own playground and children have to go to a nearby public ground to play.

“Din kishuruat” is a special event in the Sirohi school. The entire school assembles and sits together to learn something collectively. Each week has a theme. One of the themes for instance was the calendar.

Azim Premji School, Tonk

The Azim Premji School in Tonk started with a total of 82 students spread across grades 1 to 5. More than 50% students are girls.

The school has 11 teachers (3 female and 8 male). All the students are from Bhamore village which has been selected as the catchment area. Currently the school is located in Tonk town, about ten kilometers away from Bahmore village. Bus services are provided for students and community to the school. The school began it operation on April 26, 2012 following two months of community mapping, meetings and enrollment process.