Issue a resource

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Foundation member
Can keep a maximum of 5 issuable resources for a period of one month.

Loss of Resources
  • After the due date of return, a penalty of Rs. 1 shall be charged every day until the resource is returned.
  • If a resource is not returned within a maximum of 30 days after the due date of return, the resource shall be deemed to be lost.  The Library shall send a reminder only once after the due date of return. It is the duty of the borrower to inform the library in writing, if the resource is lost, while in the borrower’s possession.
  • The defaulting borrower shall be given the option of replacing the resource within a month of it being officially lost.
  • For all lost resources, the library will procure a replacement copy and the cost of replacement shall be charged to the borrower, if the defaulting borrower does not opt to replace the resource himself.
  • In the event of not securing a replacement by the library or the defaulting borrower, three times the historical cost of the resource shall be charged to the borrower.

Damage to Resources

In the event of damage to the resources such as:
  • Writing on pages
  • Torn pages
  • Loss of shape/ becomes unreadable due to spilling of liquids such as ink on the pages
  • Damage to CD/DVD, e-book reader etc.

the same policy as applicable to “loss of resources” shall be applicable.
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