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People and Ideas

People and Ideas is an initiative of the Azim Premji Foundation and Azim Premji University, in which we attempt to explore the ideas, lives and works of the many social reformers, artists, scientists, philosophers and educationists from whom we have learnt so much. During this process we hope to create a platform to understand, engage with and discuss the ideas that have contributed to the shaping of our vision and philosophy.

We believe that these ideas and the people behind them should be made accessible to a wider audience in interesting and exciting ways. If a parent appreciated how Tagore’s sufferings as a child at the hands of his schoolmasters are reflected in the story “Parrot's Training” (Tota Kahini) would he perhaps be more tolerant of his child’s reluctance to memorize reams of history text? Would a village school teacher who truly understands Dewey’s philosophy of keeping “theoretical work in touch with the demands of practice” be able teach her students what dignity of labour is all about? We don’t know. But we do believe that the lives and thoughts of such luminaries can influence attitudes, encourage reflection and catalyze change in the minds of people and the societies that they are a part of.

As part of the People and Ideas initiative, we develop content in different Indian languages and in a variety of formats that are appealing and accessible to the larger community.

Our current work is based on what we have gathered and researched; if anyone would like to suggest more information sources, please do get in touch with us.

The People and Ideas books are conceived as a weaving together of words and visuals in the form of a graphic novel. The books bring out the essence of the person’s ideas and life-work, and use interesting visual treatments like folk art and comic-book style illustrations. We invite you join us on this exciting journey of discovery, through our graphic novel e-books.