Vigyan Foundation, established in 1988 mobilises urban and rural marginalised communities toward accessing their rights and entitlements. They work on adolescent empowerment for young girls by expanding opportunities, increasing access to social, health, and economic resources through the formation of girls’ collectives.

Region: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Ibtada, established in 1997 works directly with communities to empower women and girls toward building a gender-equitable society. They work with parents to ensure enrolment and retention of girls in schools and colleges and provide transport facilities for the girls. They plan to continue to build sensitivity around adolescent girls' issues through regular engagement with fathers, boys, and communities to empower adolescent girls. 

Region: Alwar, Rajasthan

SATHEE based in Jharkhand was established in 1996 by Dr. Niraj Kumar. They work with children, adolescent girls, and young mothers belonging to Santhal, Paharia tribes, and Muslim communities in Godda district, Jharkhand. They plan to empower adolescent girls in 72 villages to enable a sustainable ecosystem for addressing adolescent issues.

Region: Jharkhand

Synergy Sansthan has been working in the areas of gender and gender-based violence, youth, adolescents, child protection, and leadership with the rural and tribal communities in the districts of Madhya Pradesh since 2006. They now focus on addressing issues related to gender and gender-based violence in rural and tribal communities of Harda by facilitating social action projects implemented by young and adolescent girls.

Region: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Sanchetana Community Health and Research Centre works against abuse, addressing vulnerabilities, and risks that women and adolescent girls face in informal settlements. They plan to deepen and expand their work on the sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls in the urban poor communities in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, through training and leadership workshops for young girls.

Region: Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Arunodaya works to address child labour in metal industries in North Chennai since 1992. They currently work with adolescents in slum communities and schools to offer life skills, information on safety, hygiene, and skill development. They are focused on health, sex education, information on menstrual hygiene, and personal safety for adolescents. They also work with mothers of the children via SHGs and a domestic workers union. 

Region: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

CSED works across 7 districts of Tamil Nadu on the issues of unsafe employment of adolescent girls and young women in the high-risk garment industry. Their programmes build awareness on gender and rights, create peer leaders to champion worker rights, and encourage school retention amongst girls in the community. They also work to sensitise HR managers in selected textile units, panchayat institutions, civil society members, and government duty bearers. 

Region: Tirupur, Theni, Tamil Nadu

SIAPP works with adolescents, youth, and families on gender, nutrition, sexuality, sexual and mental health, and livelihoods since 1992. They work with adolescents in urban slum colonies, training them on nutrition, life skills, and sexual health. They also provide sports and self-defense training, counseling for a selected few. They work with parents on a need-basis and engage the community on adolescent issues. 

Region: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Kajla Janakalyan Samiti, established in 1955, works in the areas of adolescent girls, education, child protection, women’s empowerment, youth development, sustainable agriculture, and microcredit. They plan to focus on gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, unsafe migration, and adolescent protection issues.

Region: rural, West Bengal