Swayam started in 1995 as a feminist organisation committed to advancing women's rights and ending inequality and violence against women and children. The grant will help them to provide counselling and legal support to 1,746 survivors of violence and their families opening up more access to their rights. This will enable them to take control of their lives and move forward with dignity and self-confidence.

Tharuni began in 2000 with the aim of empowering adolescent girls. So far, they have successfully conducted several campaigns against marriage, labour and trafficking among children. The grant will allow the expansion of the existing model to include 750 girls and enable them to improve their academic performances and become change agents. The grant will also conduct gender sensitisation exercises for boys.

The Aangan Trust is protecting adolescent girls in Varanasi and Bhubaneshwar from hazardous work, child marriage, and other forms of exploitation or abuse by creating Community Safety Groups that increases their awareness on their rights, child protection laws, and individual safety. They are now expanding their outreach in Varanasi, and to Patna to reach 23,000 adolescent girls. They are leveraging the alumni network, and engaging with government agencies for stronger responses.

The ANT-The Action NorthEast Trust is working on domestic violence in Assam’s Chirang district by providing counselling, shelter, livelihoods and legal advice for survivors. It is doing so by enabling women’s groups and the community to better deal with the issue and work towards implementation of the relevant legal provisions.

APD is enhancing the ecosystem for persons with disabilities across six districts, mainly in the rural areas of North Karnataka. As a resource organisation, it is partnering with six organisations including NGOs and Community-Based Organisations to build their capabilities for outreach and community-based rehabilitation.

The Banyan is providing mental health care, treatment, rehabilitation, employment including vocational skill training for 5,160 poor and homeless people with psycho-social disabilities, in Chennai and Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu.

The Chingari Trust is providing rehabilitation services to 100 children with psychological and physical disabilities due to the Bhopal gas tragedy. The NGO is partnering with skilled doctors and therapists to offer different kinds of therapies and is training the mothers of the affected children to administer some of the therapeutic techniques at home as well.

Tomorow's Foundation was established in 1997, they work primarily with children and youth in the field of Education, Child protection, Disabilities, Skills and livelihood in West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. The grant will help them to continue working with 1200 children on education, vocational skills, adolescent empowerment through 2 existing centres and set up one new centre within high risk communities.

Transform Rural India Foundation is strengthening women’s collectives and enable Adivasis, Dalits, women in Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh to be active in local self-governance and overall village development through a partnership with 4 NGO partners (ASA, CHETNA, Eklavya, Samarthan). It is working to make Panchayati Raj Institutions more transparent and accountable.