The Vidharbha Nature Conservation Society (VNCS) was established in 1986, VNCS is a Nagpur-based NGO working with Adivasis in Vidarbha, on community access and control to natural resources, exercise of rights provided under the Forest Rights Act, PESA, Biodiversity Act. The grant will help them in strengthening capacity of village institutions to manage forest resources in 10 villages; preparation of Biodiversity Management Plans and CFR Management Plans in 10 villages and facilitating implementation of village plans through convergence, by submission and approval of plans by line departments, mobilisation of funds from schemes.

Vidya Sagar is providing early intervention services to 550 children with disabilities in Tamil Nadu, by training 1,250 families in care and therapy. It is also extending community rehabilitation programmes to rural areas of Madurai, and slums in Chennai.

Visakha Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi proposes to work in 37 Tribal villages in the hilly regions of Eastern Ghats in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The region receives an average rainfall of 1200-1600 mm and is abundant with many springs that are largely untapped and potential sources to address the prevalent challenges around safe & sustained drinking water for the communities.

Vimochana is running crisis intervention services, safe spaces for survivors, campaigns on dowry deaths and offering quality services to burns victims and is empowering 2,800 women to reject violence individually and collectively in Bengaluru city, and surrounding rural areas.

Vimochana is working in Anekal, Kolar and Mandya of Bengaluru on empowering 2,800 women to reject violence individually & collectively within their families & society through Crisis Intervention Services – safe space for survivors, quality services to burned victims and campaign on dowry murders.

VOICE 4 Girls began in 2010 by enabling marginalised adolescent girls in government and low-cost schools in India to be more aware of their identities, capabilities, and futures through activity-based camps in the flagship programme known as 'Her VOICE’. The grant will help them reach out to 3,000 children (2,000 adolescent girls and 1,000 boys) directly and 5,000 girls through the 'Her VOICE’ program. The girls will learn to negotiate difficult situations, understand the importance of higher education, and learn to refuse an early marriage. Around one-fourth of them will be trained to be peer leaders while classes will be conducted for boys to learn the importance of girls in society and at home.

Vrutti is promoting farmers as entrepreneurs and farming as an enterprise to boost livelihood security among 12,500 farmers in Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana. It also provides farm inputs, marketing support, access to entitlements, insurance and income diversification.

WASSAN is improving the livelihoods of 6,400 small and marginal Adivasi farmers across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by promoting crop diversity, demonstrating drought-resistant, sustainable agricultural practices; evolving policies for rainfed agriculture in dry areas. It is enabling farmers' co-operatives to run Business Information Centres to share knowledge and innovative scale-up methods with the State Governments and other partners.

The Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM) was established in 1991, SOPPECOM is a Pune-based NGO working on natural resource management, particularly water. Our grant will support them to establish 18 Water User Associations for 48 villages, which will ensure water entitlements to all households and also manage water resources in an intergrated, equitable, participatory and efficient manner. Geography: Atpadi taluka, Sangli district, Maharashtra.