Centre for Women's Development and Research (CWDR) started in 1993, working with slum communities. They expanded their work with women, a majority of whom were domestic workers. In 2005, they registered a trade union for domestic workers called Manushi. They are involved in advocacy with the state government to include domestic workers under the Labour Welfare Board. 

Geography: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

KISLAY was established in 1992, to work with slum communities on the prevention of eviction, housing rights, civic amenities, social security access, and informal sector workers’ rights. They promote collectives of construction and domestic workers and are active in advocacy. They support informal sector workers’ rights, strengthen construction and domestic workers’ union, provide training, and build leadership.

Geography: Delhi, NCR

Janpahal was registered in 2005 to work on issues of homeless, women survivors of violence and street vendors. They promote the Hawkers Joint Action Committee, a street vendors collective with over 2,000 strong and active members. They support the collectivisation of street vendors, provide leadership training and empower the street vendors to resist evictions and harassment.

Geography: Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad

Diya Ghar was established in 2016, running three Day Care Centres in Bengaluru. Over the years, they have impacted over 400 children. The Day Care Centres provide an integrated care package of a safe environment, lunch and two healthy snacks, Montessori education, and medical care. 

Geography: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Mobile Creches was established in 1980 to address the issue of childcare in construction sites and other vulnerable workspaces. They are known for pioneering the creche model in India and have a strong record of advocacy, implementation, and training. 

Geography: Delhi, Mumbai

Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA) was established in 1984. They work in nine cities on issues of habitat rights and urban governance, informal labour rights, child rights, and youth empowerment. They support slum residents on 'habitat rights' issues - access to identity documents, social security schemes, basic municipal services, land/housing rights, and anti-eviction support. 

Geography: Mumbai, Nagpur, Vasai-Virar, Akola and Panvel, Maharashtra.

Samarthan was established in 1997 to work with Adivasi communities on issues of bonded workers, access to health, education, work, forest rights, and other schemes and entitlements. The plan to deepen their work on making migration safe for Adivasi workers to prevent distress migration and facilitate access to rights and entitlements. 

Geography: Thane and Palghar, Maharashtra

Gubbachi was established in 2015 with the aim to empower distressed migrant communities in the destination site and enable them to regain control over their life decisions and lead a more dignified life. Using education as the point of access to migrant communities, Gubbachi works with the families towards enhancing their demand for better availability and access to public services. 

Geography:  Bangalore, Karnataka

Centre for Labour Research and Action (CLRA) was established in 2010 to promote labour rights of informal sector workers, primarily from brick kiln, construction, agriculture and cotton ginning sectors in Rajasthan and Gujarat. They support the safe migration of seasonal migrant families through proper implementation of labour laws and accessing social security entitlements.

Geography: Gujarat and Rajasthan