RWUS is empowering women elected representatives in PRIs and Autonomous District Councils (ADCs), involving women in village development and ensuring their access to rights and services through women’s Sangathansparticipation in decision-making bodies and consultation with Government authorities.

RySS is boosting the income and yields of 500,000 farm households across AP by cutting risks and cultivation costs through climate-resilient zero budget natural farming (CRZBNF). Farmers to turn into the Community Resource Persons, actively take up marketing, water and infrastructure management. A Technical Support Unit has also been embedded within RySS to extend CRZBNF within and outside the state.  

Safe in India provides free assistance to workers, injured by power press accidents in auto sector units in Manesar, in their health-care and insurance claims from Employee State Insurance (ESI). Our support will help Safe in India to: - a) provide information on insurance and compensation claim process to 2,500 injured workers and hand hold 1,200 injured workers through the entire claims process resulting in cumulative compensation of INR 17 Cr; b) Reduce accidents in the auto sector through safety awareness programmes for workers and advocacy with factories to adopt better safety practices and c) Improve the the functioning & smoothening of processes at Employees State Insurance (ESI).

Sahayog started in 1992 by promoting women’s health and gender equality, and add on interventions for issues related to adolescent girls in 2005. The Philanthropy's support is towards enabling 2,500 vulnerable girls to build confidence, take charge of their lives , and realise their aspirations.

SAKHA is leveraging the transgender network and using creative, communicative strategies to advocate better nutrition and health for lactating mothers and children under the age of two among tribal communities in Rayagada and Gunupur in Odisha.

Salaam Baalak Trust is running four full-time residential homes, two open centres and three contact points to 600 street and working children in Delhi and the National Capital Region, where the focus is on care, protection and on discovering the hidden talents of the children. The trust also collaborates with Civil Society Organisations and the Government.  

SPS is helping 10,000 small and marginal Adivasi farmers in Dewas and Khargone districts of Madhya Pradesh by aiding them in watershed treatment, livestock management, sustainable agriculture and, by promoting farmer producer organisations for market linkages as also women’s self-help groups for financial inclusion.  

SUK is ensuring timely linkages to Government Schemes, providing the support system, early intervention services, home-based education, skill development and employment for 500 differently-abled children in the Sunderbans, West Bengal-Baruipur, Namkhana, Mousuni Islands and Mathurapur.  

Samerth will work towards creating 40 water positive villages and hamlets in Rapar block of Kutch district of Gujarat by developing water bodies and leveraging government programmes. It proposes to implement water harvesting and recharge interventions as per water security plans in an estimate of 40* panchayats in Rapar. In the 40 panchayats Samerth will select unreached hamlets away from the main villages. This will provide a boost to agriculture as well as reduce distress migration. Samerth will also develop a cadre of para- geohydrologist (Jaldhoots) who reach out to the communities and increase the participation of the marginalized communities in village level planning. Samerth will also ensure long term sustainability by federating water user committees into Rapar Water Federation for collective action and bargaining.