TRICOR is a government initiative that is uplifting the tribal population economically and socially in all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh through various development schemes. Targeting Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) the schemes focus on creating employment opportunities, and improving access to health facilities, and education.

Anjali was founded in 2001 in West Bengal to rehabilitate and re-integrate individuals who have recovered from mental illness with their families by establishing a programme in government mental hospitals called Voices. They also have a community-based mental health service named Janamanas that supports individuals with mental illness, and promotes awareness on the importance of mental wellbeing to prevent severe disorders. The grant will support the Voices programme in Berhampore Mental Hospital, Murshidabad District and set up the Janamanas programme in 20 wards of Purulia district.

Anusandhan Trust’s Centre for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT) is enabling a deeper response from the health sector towards female victims of violence by providing crisis intervention and building evidence-based cases to help survivors. The NGO is strengthening crisis support services across seven states through on-site training, and engagement with the government to develop structured protocols.

Apna Ghar started in 2000 in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Today, it has 29 ashrams (homes) and it works with extremely ill, abandoned, homeless persons and animals/birds. The Philanthropy grant will allow them to rescue over 1000 such persons from the streets, and provide shelter, treatment, medical care, food, and clothing for 3,972 individuals, animals, and birds through 6 shelter homes.

Arpan is conducting personal safety education workshops and enabling adolescent boys and girls with tools to address and prevent child sexual abuse--across public and private schools in Mumbai. The NGO also provides psychotherapeutic services for rescued minor girls in institutions.

Ashoka Innovators is catalysing change across India by electing six leading social changemakers as Ashoka Fellows, strengthening their knowledge and skills, so that they, in turn, create more changemakers through workshops, fellowships and strategic partnerships.

Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives is working in 5 districts of Jharkhand and 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh to ensure that 900 survivors of violence, especially Dalit and Muslim women, get justice, social and legal support. The programme also does advocacy with the State Women, SC/ST and Human Rights Commission for implementation of the relevant Act.

ADF is working to ensure good governance (transparency and accountability) in the functioning of elected representatives and political parties, by recruiting trained data analysts/researchers to collate and disseminate the database at state centres of the National Election Watch. Active across India, especially in the 18 states where Assembly, Urban Local Body and Panchayat elections are due.  

APSA is empowering 170 adolescent girls rescued from difficult circumstances by providing support and rehabilitation in two shelter homes. They are being given vocational training, career counselling, training in self-defence techniques, legal support, and eventually placed in jobs, enabling them to begin a new life. Separate workshops and training programmes are being organized for the parents of these girls to increase awareness about girl child trafficking, and laws that protect women.