Chaupal works with Adivasi communities with focus on a) access to rights and entitlements; b) right to equality & dignity; and c) Adivasi People's rights over natural resources. They also lead state level campaigns on right to food, work and health. Through the grant, they will promote effective participation of Adivasi communities in local governance mechanisms, access to rights and entitlements (health, food, forests, work, etc.) and strengthen grievance redressal mechanisms.

CIF and outreach partners at 20 railway stations across India, is providing 24x7 care and protection for runaway children. This is through child help desks, open shelters, de-addiction support, counselling, referral to long-term care homes and reunification with families. The focus is also to enhance resource mobilisation and organisational development.

Christian Hospital Bissamcuttack started in 1966 as a 200 bed hospital to provide community-based healthcare interventions in Rayagada District of Odisha. They provide quality health services at affordable costs to the tribal communities of the region. The Philanthropy grant will allow them to continue providing primary healthcare and education to vulnerable tribal communities and empower them through mobilisation, capacity building, and increasing access to education in 54 tribal villages.

WGWLO is helping 5,000 women farmers in 12 districts of Gujarat to generate more income, become aware of land rights, training them as leaders to service Land Legal Literacy Centres, linking their organisations to Government structures for land ownership and promoting digital literacy so that they take up sustainable agriculture.

CORO is working on empowering 8,000 households in five rural districts and two wards of Mumbai, Maharashtra, to break the culture of silence surrounding domestic violence through building-up the community leadership, shoring up women groups, and offering crisis intervention.

CREA is empowering adolescent girls to take informed decisions by teaching them about sexual and reproductive health and their rights through the medium of sports in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. CREA is expanding its reach now to include more adolescent girls and working to strengthen their knowledge and understanding about gender, education, and health, enabling them to lead better quality lives. They are also intensifying their engagement in schools and grooming the girls from the previous batches into role models and leaders.

The Government of Odisha’s Department of Women and Child Development is improving mother and infant nutrition by providing financial support to pregnant and lactating women, which also enables access to better health services.

DSC is enhancing the livelihoods and incomes of 4,500 Adivasi farm households in Gujarat’s Aravalli district. There will be cropping practices for better soil health, improved agricultural productivity, enterprise development and strengthening of farmer producer organisations.  

The Disha Foundation was founded in 2002 to improve health, financial, and legal aid services to ensure the safe migration of migrant workers in Nashik. They also work as a technical resource agency for Central and State governments on migration programmes and policies. Through our grant they will reach over 24,000 migrant workers by a) Continuing their work in the city and 2 rural blocks of Nashikb) Expanding their work to Goa and working with fishermen and construction workers from Odisha c) Providing technical resource support to the government of Odisha's migrant workers support programme.