ACCORD was established in 1986. They work on organising four Adivasi communities in the Gudalur valley to reclaim their land and combat exploitation. They have also ventured into developmental activities like health, education, livelihoods, etc. They are currently working on a programme to enable nearly 20,000 Adivasis to access their rights and entitlements and strengthen local governance.

Geography: Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu

Human Welfare Voluntary Organisation (HWVO) was established in 2009. They are a community-based development organisation working on the rights and protection of women and children. They engage with youth in community development and peace-building projects and also work on advocacy and policy formulations in the Kashmir division of Jammu & Kashmir.  

Geography: Pulwama & Baramulla districts in Jammu and Kashmir

Samaan Social Development Society was established in 2010 with a focus on gender equity, socio-legal support to survivors of gender-based violence, and supporting them with skills and job linkages. Through their intervention, many young women in the city of Indore are working as professional drivers and are getting trained in the institute.

Geography: Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Azad Foundation was founded in 2008 working toward empowering women and preventing gender-based violence by encouraging them to opt for better paying and viable non-traditional livelihood options that break patriarchal boundaries and structures. Their “Women With Wheels” (WWW) programme trains women to be professional drivers across cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Indore, and Chennai. 

Geography:  Urban settlements of Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata

Snehalaya was founded in 1989 with the intention of working with children of sex workers on HIV prevention. They later expanded their work with women to address the entrenched gender-based discrimination among communities in Ahmednagar district. They have worked with 2 lakh vulnerable women and children, empowering them through education, health, rehabilitation, and advocacy projects. 

Geography: Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra 

Rural Women Development Trust (RWDT) was registered in 2005 working with the Arundatiyar community in Salem. They mobilise women and girl workers to access opportunities by setting up after-school education centres for the children of textile workers. They have initiated the rescue of 2000 girls from 20 spinning mills.

Geography: Salem district, Tamil Nadu

Centre for Health And Social Justice (CHSJ) was established in 2005. They are known for their approach that uses research-based approaches, field implementation, and scaling. CHSJ has trained partner NGOs on engaging with men and boys to create a non-threatening atmosphere for men and boys to question gender norms and increase their participation in domestic work, and caregiving activities, and contribute more of their incomes to running households. 

Geography: Kolkata, West Bengal

Inchara Foundation was established in 2008. They work towards providing a safe and healthy ecosystem for survivors of sexual abuse, helping them with the rehabilitation process, trauma counseling, and skill development activities. In 2017 they started a shelter home for survivors of violence and girls rescued from trafficking. 

Geography: Dakshina Kannada and Dharwad districts of Karnataka

South Kolkata Hamari Muskan (SKHM) started in 2010 working on the frontlines in two red light communities - Sonagachi and Bowbazar in Kolkata. They aim to contribute to a package of care and well-being services for women, young girls, and children born into and living in these areas by facilitating their care, nurturing their potential, and leading them towards safety and dignity.