Society for Rural and Urban Joint Activities, Nagpur Established in 1998, SRUJAN is a Yavatmal-based NGO working with Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGS) – Kolams in Yavalmal district and Madias in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. Their work includes Community based health interventions, Forest rights and responsible governance, Livelihoods through sustainable farming and non-timber forest produce and Education. Our grant will help assist communities  in better management of community forests, preparation of Habitat Rights claim for Bhamragarh - in consultation with 108 Gram Sabhas and all the traditional leaders, improving health and nutrition for women and children. Geography: 12 villages of Bhamragarh taluka in Gadchiroli district of Maharashta.

Sopan - Early Intervention for children on the autism spectrum, who are from resource-poor families and residing in the suburbs of Mumbai to provide children with autism therapeutic, educational and vocational services and counselling for their parents; and run household surveys in urban slums of Mumbai to identify new cases of autism and connect the children (and families) to the centre.

The Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM) was established in 1991, SOPPECOM is a Pune-based NGO working on natural resource management, particularly water. Our grant will support them to establish 18 Water User Associations for 48 villages, which will ensure water entitlements to all households and also manage water resources in an intergrated, equitable, participatory and efficient manner. Geography: Atpadi taluka, Sangli district, Maharashtra.

SPAN-Society for Peoples' Awareness is creating youth groups and Child Potection Committees to prevent distress migration and to safeguard the rights of 500 adolescent girls from the tea gardens of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal.

Sparsha Trust was set up in 2005 with a vision to free children from exploitation, and provide access to opportunities that ensure their comprehensive development. The Philanthropy's support will provide rescue services for 655 children and food, clothing, shelter, health care and recreational facilities for 135 children through long-term residential homes.

The Sparsha Trust was set up in 2005 to provide a safe home for children in need of care. It gave access to food and clothing, and equipped them with skills to help develop their confidence. Since 2011, Sparsha Trust has been running 1 shelter for the homeless in Bangalore with the space allotted by the Bangalore City Corporation. Through the grant, the Sparsha Trust will support 5 out the 7 existing shelters that have been set up at the cost of approximately Rs 6 lakhs per shelter, provided by the government. As the lead NGO, the funds will be managed by the Sparsha Trust, which will distribute it equally to the 3 shelter NGOs, namely Sparsha Trust-1, CURDS-2 and ICDSS-2, and oversee their effective functioning with Dream India Network.

The Spastic Society of Karnataka (SSK) began operations in 1982 by providing comprehensive rehabilitation services for children with neuromuscular and developmental disabilities. The Philanthropy grant will allow them to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to 580 such children.

SSK is supporting Centre for Special Education, a day school in Bengaluru for 300 children and young adults with disabilities. The school has a strong volunteer base as also, a good teacher-student ratio.

SRUTI is facilitating the building of youth leadership through rigorous training programmes and modules that look at needs-assessments, socio-cultural and economic perspectives in Madhya Pradesh.