Enablers are supporting functions based out of Bangalore:

  • Infrastructure Management Function
    The Infrastructure Management Function (IMF) is responsible for land acquisition, construction, furnishing of offices, administration and facility management and purchases.
  • Knowledge Resource Centre
    The Knowledge Resource Center is focused on strengthening collaborative knowledge creation and sharing within the Foundation, supporting all Foundation units by enabling access to knowledge as a resource and helping position high quality Foundation generated knowledge resources to external audiences.

  • Finance
    This team is concerned with all aspects of finance for the Foundation ranging from accounting and controllership, investment management, planning & budgeting, operations support, analytics and legal and statutory compliance.

  • Information and Communication Technology
    This team is responsible for all IT Infrastructure, IT Support and software needs of the Foundation.

  • People Function
    The People Function team handles recruitment, talent engagement, development, compensation and benefits and support for the Azim Premji Foundation. The team also manages the Campus and Fellowship programs. Members of the People function are based in the various districts across the country as well as in Bangalore.

Currently, there are no open positions for this function.