10.1 B1 : Food Essentials Guideline

Below is a working guideline towards planning of such action based on the international Sphere standard (2100 kcals per person per day). For further details on this one can refer to the Sphere Handbook.

Food Items (For a family of 5 people - 2 adults and 3 kids for a period of 21 days. This composition of food items may differ from area to area based on the food habits. Cost may also vary from area to area.)



Per Family 


Rice (in Kgs) 


Wheat (in Kgs) 

Edible Oil (in Litre) 

Dal (in Kgs) 

Salt (in kgs) 

Seasonal vegetables with long shelf life like Drumstick 


Turmeric Powder (100 g) 

Onion 2 kgs 

Potato 2 kgs 


Coriander Powder (100 g) 


Supplementary nutrition food for children and women 

Case Sample : A Civil Society Organization in Delhi, put this package together at a cost of Rs 2185/- per Household.