The City and the Farms- agriculture in periurban Bengaluru - Photo Exhibition hosted by Azim Premji University

2017 Sep 15, Friday
Vismaya gallery, Rangoli Metro Art Centre, M.G. Road Metro Station, Bengaluru

The exhibition showcases multiple narratives around urban sprawl engulfing agricultural peripheries of Bengaluru. Diverse facets of agricultural changes in periurban Bengaluru are presented under the following themes: 

1.             Myriad manifestations of urbanisation 
2.            Croplands, cattle and commons: Caught in the urban quagmire 
3.            Beacons of hope: Resilient spaces, perseverant people

The City and the Farms is organised by the research team consisting of Seema Purushothaman, Dhanya Bhaskar, Sheetal Patil,  Raghvendra Vanjari, and Meghana Eswar, as part of an ongoing multi-institutional research project titled ‘The Rural-Urban Interface of Bangalore: A Space of Transitions in Agriculture, Economics, and Society’ sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.   

The exhibition will be open on September 15th, 16th and 17th.