Colloquium: Love at Sites of Contested Narratives

2019 Aug 30, Friday
Seminar Hall, 10th Floor, Pixel A (Azim Premji University)

About the Talk

The talk will revolve around the notions of ‘love' and their relationship with contestation, alongside inquiries such as: Is it possible to dance in forms of joy, protest, endurance, separation, and the everyday? For those who cannot hear the music, is there a possibility of such a dance? How does love manifest in different publics? These conversations will be one such attempt to list and index the forms of love Avni’s work and its cosmology makes available to spectatorship.


About the Speaker

Avni Sethi is an Ahmedabad-based interdisciplinary practitioner whose work explores the relations between culture, memory, space and the body. She has conceptualized and designed Conflictorium, a participatory museum on the theme of conflict in Ahmedabad. She studied Interdisciplinary Design from the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology, Bangalore and pursued a Masters in Performance Studies at Ambedkar University, Delhi. She is interested in exploring the relationship between intimate audiences and the performing body.