Colloquium Series “Controlling News ahead of 2019?”

2018 Aug 03, Friday
Seminar Hall, 10th Floor, Pixel A (Azim Premji University)

About the Lecture

The increasing influence of the print and electronic media in shaping public opinion has direct implications on the future of cultural and political democracy in India, especially as we head towards the 2019 elections. The talk will examine recent trends in media ownership in the country and their impact on the production of news. Regulating media ownership patterns without compromising on freedom of reportage appears necessary for securing diversity in news content and nourishing the space of democratic deliberations.


About the Speaker

T.M.Veeraraghav is a senior journalist based out of Bengaluru. In the last two decades, he has worked in senior editorial positions with NDTVNetwork 18 and The Hindu from different parts of the country.  He has reported on the aftermath of the communal riots in Gujarat, the war in Sri Lanka, political and social issues in South India, amongst others. A Master's degree holder in Economics, he was the recipient of the Chevening scholarship in 2007.