Colloquium Series: Interlocking of Inequalities

2020 Jan 17, Friday
17th Jan 2020, Seminar Hall, 10th Floor, Pixel A (Azim Premji University)

About the Lecture

Using India as the point of reference, the lecture attempts to understand how different modes of exploitation generate inequalities in the economic, social and political sphere, and their interactions.  This has to be approached in an inter-disciplinary manner. Our present preliminary exposition also suggests some possibilities of a quantitative approach both for statistical measurements and field work across academic disciplines.


About the Speaker

Amit Bhaduri is currently professor emeritus in JNU, was internationally selected professor (of ‘clear fame’) in Pavia University, Italy, and a visiting professor at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Dharwad. He studied at Presidency College, Cambridge University and MIT and obtained his Ph.D. degree from Cambridge in 1967. Professor Bhaduri has taught at several universities in India and around the world, including Presidency College, IIM-Calcutta, CDS-Trivandrum, Delhi School of Economics, JNU as well as El Colegio de Mexico, Stanford University, Vienna and Linz University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology at Trondheim, Bremen University and University of Bologna. In recognition of his pioneering work in advancing the frontiers of economics in the area of economic growth and development, he was recently awarded the prestigious Leontief Prize in 2016.