Bangalore - Job opportunities

Join us to be part of a diverse community of medical & public health professionals, community workers, and health educators who provide primary level out-patient care, engage in health education and community outreach in Bengaluru while collaborating with the public health system.

The ideal candidate is someone who resonates with our purpose, has an intent to work with underserved communities and is willing to engage full time with us. Proficiency in Kannada and knowledge of Hindi will be a distinct advantage.


Roles Responsibilities Requirements

Programme Manager(s) – Health Grants

  • Building a portfolio of civil society partners working in community health with a focus on comprehensive primary care.
  • Building and managing a team to focus on civil society partnerships across the country as our work in Health matures.
  • Developing grant proposals for multiyear grants, conducting thorough due diligence ensuring timely disbursals.
  • Guiding the creation of a partners’ forum for sharing partner NGO learnings and experiences from the ground in community health and engagements with the government.
  • Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred.  
  • Work experience: 14 to 20 years
  • Experience of working in public health and/or community health – at least 5 years.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse stakeholders, including NGOs, donors, and subject matter experts.
  • Experience in public systems (Health) engagement, prior experience in grant-making is desired.
  • Willing to travel across the country 40-50% of the time.

Medical Officers

  • Responsible for the medical operations & lead the medical team at the Health Center including the delivery of services, the pharmacy and the lab.
  • Community health work: Outreach and visits to the local community, nearby settlements, guide and mentor the community health workers.
  • Collaborate with the public health system in the local area as well as develop and execute a local plan that focuses on the health of the population in the target settlement.
  • MBBS, preferably with a background in Family/Community Medicine. 
  • 5 to 10 years of work experience who can work with us in underserved communities.
  • The ability to speak both Kannada and Hindi is essential.
  • The ability to work across any of our health centres in Bengaluru is preferred.


  • Provide nursing care as per the defined protocol, assist the doctor & support the community.
  • Handover of patient as required to referral hospitals.
Karnataka registered, BSc Nursing / Diploma (GNM) with 3 to 5 years experience.

Community Health Lead

  • Manage a team of Community Health Associates who engage with the settlements that the Health Centres intend to serve.
  • Engage actively with the community and function as the bridge between the community, the Health Centres and referral hospitals.
  • Help the Community Health Associates conduct awareness campaigns as well as door-to-door engagement to explain concepts of basic health & hygiene practices, nutrition, vaccinee awareness, etc.
  • Work through the Community Health Associates to mobilise the community to seek medical help at the health centres.
  • Design, monitor and manage effective implementation of various health programmes launched by the Health Centres/government in the community.
  • Proactively communicate, counsel and participate in health promotion interventions in the community.
  • Maintain positive relations with the team at the Health Centres, government health officials, and the community.
  • Experienced with 5 years or more as a Community, Public Health Resource Person
  • Fluent in English, Kannada and Hindi
  • Master’s in Public Health and/or MBBS
  • Effective communication skills with community, patient, doctor and others in the Health Centres
  • Good understanding of the community to be able to connect & promote health programmes, health, hygiene & nutritional practices, dispel any myths and hesitancy towards any health/medical practice
  • Be able to influence the required health and hygiene behaviour
  • Able to work full time with the willingness to travel to multiple locations where the Health Centres are located


  • Follow the defined protocol for managing the pharmacy and dispensing of medication.
  • Engage actively with the patient on medications, dosage, route of administration, possible side-effects & precautions.
  • Setup and use the required systems to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations.
Karnataka registered Diploma/Bachelor of Pharmacy with 3+ years as a Pharmacist.

Lab Technicians

  • Execute all clinical & laboratory activities as per the defined protocols.

Bachelor/Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology with 3+ years as a Lab Technician.

Health Research Lead
  • Get a deep understanding of the state of public health, determinants of health, health institutions, and health mechanisms in the country through extensive reading/research and through connecting with various players - government functionaries, NGOs, public health experts, etc.
  • Understand and prioritize areas for research.
  • Formulate research questions, design and conduct research on public and community health, focusing on the health needs of vulnerable and underserved communities.
  • Program manage end to end all community health-based research studies including working with different internal and external stakeholders.
  • Support the fieldwork to gather primary information.
  • Do detailed analysis of the research data to arrive at conclusions.
  • Document the work in health, good practices and lessons learnt through our work.
  • Create mechanisms for disseminating the results of our research work.
  • Support any other task related to the research work, as required.
  • 14+ years of experience in health research and program management.
  • Experience in managing field-level programs focused on the vulnerable population is a must
  • Ability to handle data, create proformas for data collection, provide appropriate inputs on dashboard creation for monitoring work, organize, plan, and facilitate work across different teams and workstreams.
  • Knowledge of statistical tools and software to analyze data and arrive at results.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.
  • Fluency in Hindi and Kannada is an additional desirable skill.
  • Master’s degree in Public Health or Social Work is desirable.


Application Procedure: Send us your application with the following documents to Ensure the subject line mentions the role you are applying for.

  1. Your Curriculum Vitae.
  2. The completed Application Form.