Dharamjaigarh - Job opportunities

In Dharamjaigarh block in Raigarh district are looking for a Block Coordinator – Health, Primary Health Centre Coordinators, and Resource Persons – Health for capacity development of health personnel in the Block. People with Effective communication skills, willingness to travel within Dharamjaigarh block and in/around, and Computer skills and proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word) are preferred.

Details of these positions are provided below.


Roles Responsibilities Requirements

Primary Health Centre - Coordinator

  • Provide programmatic support towards more effective delivery of PHC services.
  • Design, monitor and manage effective implementation of various health programmes launched by the Health Center/government in the community.
  • Work with local partner to establish community connect in the areas associated with their PHC.
  • Engage directly with local communities where necessary to understand the issues/challenges.
  • Seek to proactively communicate, counsel, and participate in health promotion interventions in the community, through partner or directly
  • Maintain positive relations with and engage with the community, panchayat, health system officials and the local self-help groups to develop health education, health seeking behaviours and community ownership of health over time.
  • Program management skills to improve and strengthen effective implementation of various health programmes through the PHC.
  • Be able to influence behaviours related to health and its social determinants in the community, through partners or directly.
  • 2-4 years relevant experience in community work - ideally health related.
  • MPH or MSW with health-related work.
  • Fluent in Hindi and English.

Block Coordinator - Health

  • Responsible for the team and all our health care work in the Block. The work comprises engaging with the local PHCs and associated sub centers/health and wellness centers to support the delivery of services.
  • planning the scope of this work of the team in the various areas.
  • facilitating the functioning of the public health facilities.
  • supporting the delivery of quality services within the system.
  • connecting and integrating the work of the public health staff at Block level.
  • enabling capacity development of our internal team.
  • Ability to build manage and enable a team to work with various entities of the local public health system - towards better primary health care for the community.
  • Identify partners and other entities in the ecosystem that can be leveraged to enable us to do our work more effectively, and lead, build & manage relationships with them.
  • Strong understanding of the community to be able to connect and promote health programmes, health, hygiene & nutritional practices, dispelling any myths and hesitancy towards any health/medical practice and influence the required health & hygiene behaviour.
  • 5 years of experience on ground - health / community and managing teams.
  • Masters in public health or/and MBBS & MD(Community Medicine).
  • Fluent in Hindi, English.

Resource Person – Public Health

  • Will engage in capacity development of the health personnel in the block.
  • understanding, identifying, and analyzing the areas that require strengthening within the various entities of the Public Health system and partners.
  • facilitating the creation of processes and protocols as needed to improve the delivery of health services and engage the community more effectively.
  • doing needs assessment for training, preparing training curricula, planning and conducting training activities.
  • collaborating with the local government teams.
  • Subject matter expertise in Public Health coupled with on ground experience of the Public Health system of rural areas in India.
  • Knowledge of Public Health management and the latest health policies and procedures as stated by the government.
  • Knowing how to assess and score/grade Public Health facilities.
  • Ability to create capacity building modules suited to the diverse needs of the entities in the system.
  • 2 years of experience on ground - health / community).
  • MBBS + MD(Community Medicine) / MPH.
  • Fluent in Hindi, English.


Application Procedure: Send us your application with the following documents to [email protected]. Ensure the subject line mentions the role you are applying for.

  1. Your Curriculum Vitae.
  2. The completed Application Form.