Job Opportunities

Inviting applications for the Grants Manager position at the Philanthropy! We strongly encourage applications from candidates belonging to historically underrepresented social groups and communities including people with disabilities.


Portfolio/Thematic Area Description Qualification
Gender Justice We aim to partner with organisations working with Issues around women/gender, adolescent girls, and transgender & other gender minorities. Candidates with 8 - 15 years of sustained grass roots experience or with experience of having engaged deeply on issues in a particular thematic. Candidates should come with depth of work and understanding of a particular thematic area. Experience either in a field operations role or with prior work experience in a funding organization are encouraged to apply.
Children In the Children portfolio, we aim to partner with grassroot organizations working with vulnerable children and young adults in a range of institutional care, alternative care and community-based interventions. (Street children, children doing hazardous labour, runaway children, children in conflict with law).
Disability In the Disability Portfolio, we aim to work with the most vulnerable and make multiyear grants to civil society organisations to work with persons with Disability and Mental illness or persons at risk.
Urban poor We aim to work with organisations that deal with exploding urban destitution, including the homeless, people living in slums, elderly poor, migrants, waste pickers, manual scavengers.
Land & forest dependent groups We look at vulnerabilities of marginal farmers, landless workers, pastoral and tribal communities. As well as water as resource and use of water in agriculture.
Odisha nutrition Reducing childhood stunting through health, nutrition and hygiene.
Governance We aim to work with organisations that help to improve last mile access to welfare services. Access to justice for the most vulnerable. Local democracy (panchayati raj).
Constitutional values Fellowships and youth programs to promote democratic values.
Geography Focused attention on selected regions. Includes North East Karnataka (where we have a large Field presence), Andhra Pradesh (where we have two large systemic  engagements), Jharkhand.
Strengthening civil society Helping NGOs build support functions through shared services and capacity building. Strengthening early stage NGOs and community based organisations.


Application Procedure

Write to :  [email protected]