Samerth Charitable Trust, Kutch, Gujarat

Samerth will work towards creating 40 water positive villages and hamlets in Rapar block of Kutch district of Gujarat by developing water bodies and leveraging government programmes. It proposes to implement water harvesting and recharge interventions as per water security plans in an estimate of 40* panchayats in Rapar. In the 40 panchayats Samerth will select unreached hamlets away from the main villages. This will provide a boost to agriculture as well as reduce distress migration. Samerth will also develop a cadre of para- geohydrologist (Jaldhoots) who reach out to the communities and increase the participation of the marginalized communities in village level planning. Samerth will also ensure long term sustainability by federating water user committees into Rapar Water Federation for collective action and bargaining.