Shakti Shalini, Delhi

Shakti Shalini - was set up in 1987, with aim to promote gender equality, support survivors of gender/violence and contribute to gender sensitisaiton and awareness.  It is a small organisation that works on four main areas, namely – a. Response to Violence (includes socio-legal, counselling assistance and shelter support to survivors ) ; b. Prevention of Violence (includes rigourous outreach, awareness and sensitisation with marginalised communities) ; c. Educational Enhancement (includes ideological mentoring training to interns, volunteers on topics such as consent, violence, equality) ; and d. Darmiyan – an online literature platform.The aim of the proposal is to conduct community outreach work in five urban poor communities of South East Delhi (Nehru Block 7& 10, Jal Vihar, Ghoda Basti and Shri Niwas Puri) to prevent, mitigate and respond to gender and sexual violence in the community. The program prioritises on multi-pronged, direct outreach to community resident to facilitate greater sensitisation, awareness, problem-solving and mobilisation of grassroot leaders, in order to bring about foundational ideological, cultural and discursive change towards gender equality.