Webinar Series: Sustainable Local Economy Model

2020 Aug 07, Friday
Aug 7th 2020, 6:30 pm–7:45 pm

As part of the Gandhi 150 webinar series the 12th conversation would be with Elango Rangaswamy on ‘Sustainable Local Economy Model’.

Today India needs a workable model of micro-enterprises that utilise local resources in the villages. Gandhi advocated establishing local resource-based and local demand-based sustainable economic activities to meet the needs of the communities. This could happen through revitalizing the concept of independent and interdependent village networks, as experimented in Kuthambakkam village in Tamil Nadu.

Please do join us on YouTube live for the interaction:  Friday, August 7th 2020   6:30 pm – 7:45 pm ||https://youtu.be/w_uxXCS6RTU

About the speaker:

Elango Rangaswamy, former village Panchayat President of Kuthambakkam in Tamil Nadu, is a leader who believes in an empowered Panchayat local government system. Through his work in local governance, he has been able to transform Kuthambakkam village into a self-sustaining economy. Elango’s inspiration was Gandhi’s vision of true ‘Gram Swaraj’. He was the first engineer from his village and he setup a ‘Panchayat Academy’ to teach the Presidents their powers and how to use it to enable co-operation and local involvement.

The talk will be followed by a Q & A session.

Looking forward to your participation,