Foundation and University publication

December, 2021

Defining the new normal

Hridaykant Dewan

A holistic approach to learning as children return to school

Jane Sahi

Remodelling school as a social space

Subir Shukla

Reopening schools : an opportunity for revival

Tultul Biswas

What awaits our teachers when schools reopen

Vimala Ramachandran

Teaching-learning when schools reopen : a diagnostic approach

Aanchal Chomal and Shilpi Banerjee

Retaining effective processes from community classes

Durgesh Kumar Manerao

Reading for healing : a library project

Lakshmi Karunakaran

Living with the virus

Madhumita Dobe

Foundational numeracy : challenges and strategies

Arddhendu Shekhar Dash

Lockdown to reopening : worksheets remain effective

Lovis Simon

Engaging the community in school reopening

Mohammed Ali Rizvi

The time for planning is now

Nawlesh Kumar

Multi-grade, multi-level teaching is the way forward

Niket Sagar

Lessons learned : notes from Azim Premji schools

Pallavi Chaturvedi

Community learning groups must continue

Raghavendra B T

Art for reconnecting students with school

Ruchi Kotnala

Promoting self-learning : role of government, school and family

Sajjan Kumar Choudhary

Social interaction in schools post-COVID

Sariya Ali

Anticipated challenges and some solutions

Vipin Kumar

Art-integrated lessons to facilitate self-expression


Sustaining meaningful ways of engaging with students

Malavika Rajnarayan and Jitandra Sharma

Focus on foundational learning is important

Nandini Shetty

Competency-wise grouping for level-appropriate learning

Navneet Bedar

Turbulent times : the psychological impact of COVID-19

Ravi Kumar

Children’s health and nutrition : mitigating the impact of COVID-19

Shreelata Rao Seshadri

Phased return to the learning culture of school

Sreekanth Sreedharan

The changed role of CRC, BRC, DIET

Suchi Dubay

Unlocking Anganwadis : what teachers need to do

Yogesh G R

Talking to children about coronavirus : some resources

Shefali Tripathi Mehta