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April, 2022

Designing worksheets for meaningful learning

Aanchal Chomal

The place of worksheets in learning

Aruna Jyothi

The concept of worksheets

Hridaykant Dewan and Shekhar Dewan

Fun worksheets for preschool learning

Pranalee Sharma and Rima Kaur

Digital technologies for developing worksheets

Anusha Sharma

Language worksheets support other subjects

Chandra Vishwanathan

Worksheets: The experience of Nizamuddin urban renewal

Jyotsna Lall and Hyder Mehdi

Views of teachers on worksheets

Akshatha. S. Belludi

Designing environmental science worksheets

Chandrika Soni

Worksheets for measuring and building maths competencies

Gowthama Rajavelu

Integrating maths worksheets with other subjects

Janak Ram

Multidimensional use of worksheets

Mamta Sharma

Leveraging worksheets to enhance classroom learning

Meghana Baasri

Worksheets as a learning resource

Pooja Vishnoi

Evaluating the utility of maths worksheets

Richa Pandey

Use of worksheets in early grade English teaching

Vyshnavi. V.

Worksheets for meaningful learning

Vimal P Thomas

Use of worksheets for children with dyslexia

Mala R Natarajan and Ramanathan

Designing a good maths worksheet

Sneha Titus

Creating effective maths worksheets

Swati Sircar

Sample worksheets

Chandra Vishwanathan
Pranalee Sharma
Rima Kaur and Swati Sircar