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If we play with it a bit, we see the absurdity of this need to protect our psychological selves. This seeing does not expand our territory, in fact it shrinks it! It happens when we are alert and attentive, and it has the same quality and energy as when we hold a question without looking for answers. As mathematicians we are often told: if you really understand a problem, then the answer lies in it. It appears to me that the key to understanding ourselves lies in this ability to ask questions of our inner world, without judgment or defence, and without settling on answers.

At Right Angles

Issue 10, July 2021

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On some geometric constructions in the sulvasutras from a pedagogical perspective – II

S. G. Dani and Medha Limaye

Tremendous tree

R. Sivaraman

Children’s algorithms and the mathematics behind them

Mangal Pawar and Aaloka Kanhere

Lessons from proofs both false and true

Abhroneel Ghosh
and Mahit Warhadpande

Addendum to “lessons from proofs"

Shailesh Shirali

How long, how high, how wide

Ankit Shukla

Which is the best deal?

Sandhya Gupta

Little mathematicians

Azim Premji University

Mathematical investigations : restoring order through repeated riffle shuffles.

Keshav Lakshmi Narasimhan

Tom and jerry play with fractions

Prithwijit De

A property of the centroid of a triangle

Ujjawal Rane

Middle school problems on the weighted average

Ramachandran A.

The Bevan point and associated points and circles

Hans Humenberger

Infinite kepler triangles

Pranav Verma

Two problems in umber theory - part II


Blockhead : the life of Fibonacci

Arundhati Venkatesh

The fly on the ceiling a math myth

Arundhati Venkatesh

Two famous series for pi

Mayadhar Swain

Computation of a surd

Community Mathematics Centre (CoMaC)

A problem related to an equilateral triangle

Kousik Sett

Inequalities - Part 1

Sourangshu Ghosh

Solution to a functional equation

Sasikumar K.

An Olympiad challenge


Extended version of riffle shuffles

Estimation in mathematics

Padmapriya Shirali

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