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At Right Angles

Issue 12, March 2022

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The minimal instruments of geometry – I

Mahit Warhadpande

How Archimedes showed that pi is approximately 22 by 7

Damini D.B.
Abhishek Dhar

The Power of stories in math class

Delhi World Public School

Maths from simple grids

Gowri Satya

Polyominoes and nets of a cube

Deciphering the mode formula

Math Co-dev Group

An arithmetic escapade

Prithwijit De

Fun with equivalent fractions

A.S. Rajagopalan

Six problems on area and perimeter

A Ramachandran

Addendum to “Six Problems on Area and Perimeter’’

Shailesh Shirali

On a method for solving cubic equations

Biplab Roy

The rascal triangle revisited

James Metz

Triangles with one angle twice another

Shailesh Shirali

Finding the base angles of a triangle

Moses Makobe

Factorising non-monic quadratic equations

Anushka Tonapi

Ellipses hidden in projectile motion

Suketu Patni

Solution to a 2018 Romanian mathematics olympiad problem

Praneetha Kalbhavi

Counting some more triangles

Sundarraman M.

The educational use of tables on advanced scientific calculators

Barry Kissane

The language God talks? a review

Shashidhar Jagadeeshan

Review: spinner

Math Space
Azim Premji University

Addendum to math from simple grids : exploring addition - RowColSum puzzle

Gowri Satya

Analysis of the angle trisection procedure

Shailesh Shirali

Prime generating polynomials

Anand Prakash

The Painter’s Paradox comparative analysis of Gabriel’s Horn and triangular pipe with Koch’s Fractal shaped cross section

Rida Suraiya Khan

Connecting φ and π

Maitreyo Bhattacharjee

Responses to: did calculus change the world?

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