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In this issue, we have a range of articles recounting personal experiences of teaching with the goal of inclusive learning rather than a random attempt at throwing information at a mixed ability group, only some of whom could lick the system with others falling by the wayside. Readers will find that diverse aspects of assessment have been thoughtfully tried and objectivity is a key theme. Another important aspect of assessment, namely, reflectively constructed rubrics have been given a place in this issue.

Learning Curve

Issue XX, August 2013

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Meghna N. Kumar
Vishnuteerth Agnihotri
Rahul Venuraj
Gurbachan Singh
Nisha Butoliya
Prema Rangachary
Sharanya Sudhakar
Sonal Raja
Vijayalakshmi Iyer
Rukmini Banerji
Selvi Rajendran
Nityaa Gurumoorthy

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