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The beautiful image that you see on the cover is a fractal, a recent entrant into the world of mathematics, dating from the 1980s in the work of the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, who himself coined the term ‘fractal’. Mandelbrot recognised that most objects found in nature cannot be modelled very well by the regular objects we encounter in Euclidean geometry (triangles, rectangles, circles, spheres…). Here are some famous quotes of his about fractals:

“A fractal is a mathematical set or concrete object that is irregular or fragmented at all scales…”

Essentially, the term denotes a set of points whose dimension can be regarded, in a denite and precise sense, as non-integral.


At Right Angles

July 2019

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From Regular Pentagons to the Icosahedron via the Golden Ratio - Part I

Shashidhar Jagadeeshan

The Constants of Mathematics - Part IV

Shailesh Shirali

A Counter-intuitive Pythagorean Surprise

Shailesh Shirali

Circles inscribed in Segments

Ananda Bhaduri

Radii of Incircle and Ex-circles of a Right- Angled Triangle

Rahil Miraj

A path to π

A. Ramachandran

π Enters the 5th Class

Sabitha Raghunath & Sneha Bhansali

Understanding Learners’ Thinking through an Analysis of Errors

Shikha Takker

‘CuRe’ Triplets

Hara Gopal R.

Joining the dots...Sense Making in Mathematics

Sneha Titus & Swati Sircar

Tearout : Fun with Dot Sheets

Swati Sircar

Exploring Properties of Addition and Multiplication with Integers

Swati Sircar

Can there be SSA Congruence?


How to Prove it

Shailesh Shirali

Exploring Fractals : The GeoGebra Way

Jonaki Ghosh

DIY: Problems for the Middle School

A. Ramachandran

Problems for the Senior School

Shailesh Shirali & Prithwijit De

A Geometric Exploration

Prithwijit De

A Triangle Area Problem

Shailesh Shirali

Adventures in Problem Solving

Shailesh Shirali

Computing an Angle in an Equilateral Triangle


Data, Perception and Ignorance

Usha Krishnamoorthy


Padmapriya Shirali

The gap between ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’ in Mathematics…

G. R. Veena

A very brief introduction to fractals

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