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It is certainly a platitude to say that learning can happen everywhere and at all times, at the most unexpected places and moments in our lives. However, that said, we also recognise that the school is a very valuable place of learning: formally and systematically in a graded way, level upon level so that we can tackle end-of-stage examinations which help us to choose our futures. But while all this is happening, a lot of undocumented and stimulating learning is going on simultaneously.

In this issue, articles on experiential learning about the environment, reading as a means of expanding horizons as well as acquiring language skills, the morning assembly as a treasure house of the learning experience- are all here. Other articles have given detailed accounts of science as a dispeller of superstition and an enhancer of a spirit of enquiry and curiosity. Sports do more than just teach the rules of the game, suggests an article: they can internalise values, inculcate inclusion and gender equality. There is an array of perspectives on the learning within learning which, paradoxically, falls outside of it.

All in all, this issue confirms what has long been felt and known - the learning that occurs outside the classroom is as vital as the formal pedagogy which takes place inside.

Learning Curve

Issue IV, August 2019

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The Aims of Physical Education

Aditi Mutatkar & Akash Lugun

Wall Magazine: An Extraordinary Window for Learning Outside the Classroom

Anil Singh

Science and Superstition

Ashish Sharma

Library: An Important Central Point of Elementary Schooling

Dinesh Patel

Learning Outside the Classroom: A Real Life Experience

Genevieve Talang

Bal Melas

Kumar Amalendu

Books: A Window to the World

Manoj Nigam

Morning Assembly as a Learning Experience

Manoj Kumar Tripathy & Shiv Kumar

History Outside the Classroom: A Student’s Experience

Nandan Kaushik

Middle School Shiksha Protsahan Kendra -I

Nidesh Soni

My Experience with Shiksha Protsahan Kendra-II

Nilesh Malviya

Games Children Play: Memories of a Himalayan village

Nimrat Khandpur

Summer Holidays as Informal Learning Experience

Prakash Chandra Gautam

T-LAB: Dream Yard for Happiness

Pramod Maithil

Using Nature as A Teacher

Priti Rao

Learning to Accept Differences

Shefali Tripathi Mehta

A Book Corner in the Classroom

Shehnaz DK

Stepping Outside the Classroom: An Opportunity for Rich Learning

Saurav Shome & Archana Dwivedi

Beyond Four Walls: An Example of Project-Based Learning

Shubhra Mishra Dinesh Bartwal Narender Kothiyal & Virendra Negi

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