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I wonder is a science magazine for middle school teachers. Our hope is that this magazine will encourage teachers/ educators to develop a broader/deeper understanding of this field, explore science in more experiential and personal ways, and find motivation and examples to integrate this understanding into their classrooms. Brought out twice a year, each issue of the magazine will be available in English, Hindi and Kannada versions. Freely available online versions of every issue can be accessed on this page. Free hard copies will be made available to teachers on request, as well as through the Azim Premji Foundation Field Institutes.

I Wonder

Issue 03, August 2019

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What are Black Holes ?

Prajval Shastri

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram : Le grand K

Siddharth Setlur

What Are White Drarf Stars?

Ishaan Ghose

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram : Replacing Le Grand

Siddharth Setlur and Chitra Ravi

How Does the Skin Heal Wounds?

Tanya Bhatt and Gaurav Kansagar and Neha Pincha and Colin Jamora

What is the Higgs Boson and Why is its Discovery Such a Rage?

Subhash Kumar

What is the Matrix of Life?

Nagaraj Balasubramanian and Keerthi Harikrishnan and Philip Mathew

Evolution Crossword

Rohini Chintha

9 Things You Didn't Know About Human Skin

Tanay Bhatt and Gaurav Kansagar and Neha Pincha

The Power of an Inter - Disciplinary Approach to Science Education and Research

Dhanashree Paranjpe

Abundant and Rare Elements

Jayalekshmay Ayyer

A Milky Way to Learn Biology

Rohini Karandikar

What Do We Really See?

Kavita Krishna

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram : Plank's Constant

Siddharth Setlur

Learning Science with the Body in Mind

Paul Reimer
and Rohit Mehta and Punya Mishra

Trees and Seasons in a Changing World

Swati Sidhu

Where Does the Girl Child Get Her 'X' Chromosomes From ?

Rohini Chintha

Distance in Astronomy

Anand Narayanan

Pedagogy of 'Dirty' Hands Reflections from an Urban Terrace Farm

Deborah Dutta

Physics for Closeted Aristotelians

Nitish Sehgal

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram_Avagadro's Constant

Siddharth Setlur

Wonder What the Exact Time Is?

Jayalekshmay Ayyer

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram : Counting Atoms

Siddharth Setlur and Chitra Ravi

Interview with Beena D B

D. B. Beena

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram : The Electric Kilogram

Siddharth Setlur and Chitra Ravi

The Exact Mass of a Kilogram : The New Kilogram

Siddharth Setlur

Seeing the Invisible : Imaging a Black Hole

Rajaram Nityananda

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