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In this issue, we have a wide range of articles from writers who have looked at children with disabilities in a variety of ways- but through the same lens: inclusion. There are articles tracing the history of different organizations which have worked for several years to create opportunities for the education of children with disabilities, language acquisition, travel, opportunities for independence and respectful acceptance, among others.

Learning Curve

Issue V, December 2019

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Teacher Training is Key

Indu Prasad

Inclusive Education: Challenges in Building a Coherent Understanding

Dr Ankur Madan

Creating Learning Opportunities for Children with Disabilities

Anupma Rai

Inclusion, Special Needs and Reflective Teachers

Anuradha Naidu

Family Needs to Get Involved Bringing up a daughter with Down syndrome

Falguni Doshi

The Invisible Disabilities

Arpita Yadav

Promoting Inclusion in Early Childhood Education Through Effective Strategies

Aruna Jyothi

Sexuality and Sexual Health Education in Children with Disabilities

Dr Gifty Joel

Total Acceptance

Kamala Mukunda

They Have No Ill-will… Bringing up a son with autism

Godavari Verma

Teacher’s Role in Early Identification of Developmental Delays

Kinnari Pandya

A Life of Dignity For All The Journey of Shishu Sarothi

Mamta Ghosh and Neha Das

Understanding Dyslexia and Multiple Intelligences

Mrudula Govindaraju

Seeing Disability as Diversity

Pranalee Sharma

Parents Should Seek Help Without Delay Bringing up a son with cerebral palsy

Neeta and Nitin Nayak

Work with Abilities Rather Than Disabilities My Experiences as a Special Teacher

Pushplata Pandey

Need Opportunity not Sympathy Bal Mela for Children with Disabilities

Shankar Badaga
Anwar and Venkatesh

The Long Road to Acceptance

Sita Krishnamurthy

Education of Children with Disabilities Right to Inclusion with Appropriate Support

Dr Sudesh Mukhopadhyay

Grace Under Challenges A Sibling Speaks

Prema Raghunath

Learning Through Travel Experiences from Deepika School

Sumathi Ramjee

Inclusive Education in India From Concept to Reality

Dr Uma Tuli

Role of Family, School and Community in Special Education

Usha Madan

Working for a Greater Cause Interview with a Special Educator

Vijayashree P S

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