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Published twice a year in January and July, Language and Language Teaching (LLT) reaches out to language teachers, researchers and teacher educators on issues and practices relevant to language teaching. The primary focus of the publication is language pedagogy in elementary schools. LLT proposes to establish a dialogue between theory and practice so that practice contributes to theory as much as theory informs practice. The purpose is to make new ideas and insights from research on language and its pedagogy accessible to practitioners while at the same time inform theorists about the constraints of implementation of new ideas.

Language and Language Teaching

Issue 17, January 2020

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Journeys in Language Learning as Adults: A Kannadiga Learning Tamil and a Tamilian Learning Kannada

Brinda U. Rao

Adult Language Learning: Some Personal Musings

S Mohanraj

Acquiring Standard Spoken English through Extensive Reading: A Case Study

Thomas Cook

Learning German to Actively Participate in Scientific Research Work in the German Speaking Parts of the World: A Deeply Enriching Experience

Venkatesa Iyengar Vasanta Ram

Learning to Read Hindi through WhatsApp: From Deciphering to Cross- Languaging

Geetha Durairajan

Selective Acquisition of Malayalam

Paroma Sanyal

Would a “Rational Approach” Improve Academic Outcomes in English Language University Classes in Vietnam?

Philip Scott

Why Don't EFL Students Read More? Because “We are tested on what we read in class.”

Kyung-Sook Cho Busan Stephen Krashen

Interview with Chiranjiv Singh

R. Amritavalli

Psychology of Learning for Teachers: Preparing for Classroom Inquiry

Mythili Ramchand

Autonomy in Language Learning and Teaching: New Research Agendas

R. Amritavalli

Whole Language Approach and Multilingual Pedagogy in Schools

P. K. Jayaraj

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