Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By C K Mathew
Bureaucracy Today
July 08, 2017
Written by Haulianlal Guite, a young IAS officer from the Northeast, the non-fiction novel, Confessions Of A Dying Mind, released recently in the national capital is earning rave reviews. In a conversation with Bureaucracy Today, the...
By Anurag Behar
July 06, 2017
He was wealthy, worth about a thousand crores, and had just about started a philanthropic effort focused on education. He wanted advice on how they could work with the government effectively. He listened to me patiently. After a few months...
By Harini Nagendra
The Hindu
July 04, 2017
Since Independence, between 25 and 60 million people have been displaced from their homes and uprooted for India’s development projects. Most end up living in abysmal poverty and deprivation.
By Chandan Gowda
Bangalore Mirror
July 04, 2017
Made as a student film at UCLA forty years ago, in 1977, Charles Burnett's (in pic)Killer of Sheep is now routinely held up as being among the finest films ever made on African Americans. A single viewing can suffice to share the...
By Himanshu Upadhyaya
The Wire
July 04, 2017
Legislative action that primarily looks at cattle mobility as ‘acts of smuggling cattle out of state for slaughter’ is deeply misguided and betrays a misunderstanding of how India’s cattle have been bought and sold since the British Raj.
By Madhav Chavan
July 03, 2017
अनुभव बताता है की बच्चों को एक ही दर्जे में बिठाए रखने से सिखने में मदद नहीं होती।

Articles & Opinions

By Sanchita Sharma
Hindustan Times
July 10, 2017
It’s a paradoxical fact. Families become smaller as better nutrition, vaccination and healthcare ensure couples lose fewer children to malnutrition and infections, such as diarrhoea, pneumonia, sepsis and tuberculosis
By Lakshmi Supriya
The Wire
July 08, 2017
A new study says that if children who gain most from attending preschool were trained to better use their inherent numerical abilities, it will help them understand concepts better later.
By Spoorthy Raman
Deccan Herald
July 06, 2017
Today, with many youngsters motivated to pursue a satisfying career in Science, universities across the world are seeing unprecedented enrolments. In spite of this, they still face a major roadblock when it comes to funding the research...
By Ram M Sundaram
The New Indian Express
July 05, 2017
The results of the Tamil Nadu Eligibility Entrance Test (TNTET) released earlier this week threw up a shocker as a whopping 95 per cent of the candidates failed to clear it. Out of the 7.53 lakh candidates who took TNTET this year, only 34...
The Economic Times
July 04, 2017
Rather than imparting knowledge, education in India has become a "commercial commodity", rued eminent scientist G Madhavan Nair, who also spoke out strongly against the tendency of parties to make campuses a training ground for...
By Rama Kant Agnihotri
Deccan Herald
July 03, 2017
It has now become imperative to focus on secondary and senior secondary schools - on children who are in the age group of 15-18 years.


Children’s beliefs concerning school transition

By Sirpa Eskelä-Haapanen, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Helena Rasku-Puttonen & Anna-Maija Poikkeus
Early Child Development & Care
This study examines preschoolers’ beliefs concerning their transfer into primary education. Data from 1386 Finnish preschoolers were obtained using interviews with parents at the end of the children’s preschool year.
Category: Early Childhood Education

Early career teachers’ research literacy: what does it look like and what elements support its development in practice?

By Carol Evans
Research Papers in Education
This article reviews the effectiveness of two projects:NQT and Beyond; Developing Resilience in Learning and Teaching, and the underpinning conceptual framework (PLSP) in supporting early career teachers’ (ECTs’) development of their...
Category: In-service Teacher Education

Engaging teacher educators with the sustainability agenda

By Addise Amado, Aklilu Dalelo, Maik Adomßent & Daniel Fischer
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
There is broad consensus that the implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) requires the consideration of geographical and cultural contexts.
Category: Teacher Professional Development

‘I never feel alone in my classroom’: teacher professional growth within a blended community of practice

By Torrey Trust & Brian Horrocks
Professional Development in Education
Well-designed face-to-face and virtual communities of practice provide opportunities for teachers to learn, grow as professionals and make changes to their practice with the support of peers.
Category: Teacher Professional Development

Children’s independence: a conceptual argument for connecting the conduct of everyday life and learning in Finland

By Blair Stevenson
Children's Geographies
This paper discusses children’s independence as a conceptual framework for exploring how independence in children’s everyday life relates to learning in the Finnish context.
Category: Learning in School

Developing pre-service teachers' professional knowledge of teaching: The influence of mentoring

By Juanjo Mena, Paul Hennissen & John Loughran
Teaching & Teacher Education
This study was situated in a Primary Teacher Education program in the Netherlands. The participants (N=16) comprised four each of: Pre-Service Teachers (PST)
Category: Mentor Teachers