Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By Anurag Behar
September 15, 2016
Another Teachers’ Day has gone by on 5 September. Newspapers and social media have, as every year, reported speeches extolling the virtues of the profession and expressions of gratitude. Some companies have used the occasion to sell their...
By S. V. Manjunath
August 24, 2016
This thought-provoking question was put forth by a committee constituted by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi, in its draft report incorporating indicative operational...
By Anurag Behar
August 18, 2016
There is hardly a country in the world that is not attempting to improve its school education. Countries like Canada and Finland, which already have excellent school systems, are still trying to improve.
By Anurag Behar
August 07, 2016
On a warm summer evening, up in the Kumaon mountains in Pithoragarh, we watched Abbas Kiarostami’s film Where is the Friend’s Home? It was an audience of about 35 people, most of them government schoolteachers.
By Anurag Behar
August 04, 2016
There is a place called Raibidpura. It’s a large village of 5,000 people about 25km from Khargone in the Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh. Rich in history and economically poor in the present, it’s one of the more disadvantaged parts of the...
By Dileep Ranjekar
Civil Society
August 03, 2016
It was 2008 and the commissioner discussed with us the idea of designing workbooks for all government schools in the state to supplement the textbooks which in his opinion had some gaps. We thought the idea was great since it provided us...

Articles & Opinions

By Adrian Skilbeck
Education Science
January 13, 2017
The chapter that John Dewey dedicates to consideration of play and work in the curriculum in Democracy and Education echoes his thoughts on the same subject in How We Think, which preceded Democracy and Education by six years.
By Meike Kricke, Stefan Neubert
Education Science
January 10, 2017
This essay is keyed to the second and fourth chapter of Dewey’s Democracy and Education. It start by looking at education as a social function and close with education as growth. References will be made to other writings of Dewey’s,...
By Karthik Muralidharana, Jishnu Dasb, Alaka Hollab, Aakash Mohpal
Journal of Public Economies
January 01, 2017
The relative return to strategies that augment inputs versus those that reduce inefficiencies remains a key open question for education policy in low-income countries.
By Prakash Prabhakarrao Doke
Indian Journal of Public Health
December 15, 2016
Country- and state-wise maternal mortality shows the highest disparity among health statistics. The erstwhile National Rural Health Mission. (NRHM) in India aimed reduction in maternal mortality ratio. (MMR) to <100 per lakh live births...
By Jayant Sriram
The Hindu
December 14, 2016
Boosting school infrastructure and teacher training is essential for RTE to deliver greater equity
By Serpil Pekdoğan, Ilkay Ulutas
Journal of Education and Training Studies
December 01, 2016
The purpose of this study is to develop a valid and reliable data collection tool to assess the decision-making skills of children at the age of 5 to 6. The study group is composed of 300 children attending independent pre-schools located...


Cultures of Learning in Effective High Schools

By Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Christopher Harrison, Lora Cohen-Vogel
Educational Administration Quarterly
Research indicates that a culture of learning is a key factor in building high schools that foster academic achievement in all students. Yet less is known about which elements of a culture of learning differentiate schools with higher...
Category: Learning in School

Indian Labour Markets and Returns to Education

By Kamal Vatta, Takahiro Sato & Garima Taneja
Millennial Asia
The present study is an attempt to examine the trends in returns to education in the context of long-term economic growth in India during 1983 to 2009–2010. It outlines various forms of inequality issues prevalent in the Indian labour...
Category: Labour Reforms

The myth of free and barrier-free access: India’s Right to Education Act—private schooling costs and household experiences

By Prachi Srivastava & Claire Noronha
Oxford Review of Education
The authors examine relative household costs and experiences of accessing private and government schooling under India’s Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 in the early implementation phase.
Category: Education Policy

Politics of the Guarded Agenda of National Education Policy 2015-16

By Vikas Gupta
Economic and Political Weekly
The overall framework of the new national education policy has been pitiable in addressing the aspects of structural and infrastructural discrepancy, economic inequality, social injustice, and cultural homogeneity.
Category: Education Policy

Does Access to Secondary Education Affect Primary Schooling? Evidence from India

By Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Soham Sahoo
Economics of Education Review
This paper investigates if better access to secondary education increases enrollment in primary schools among children in the 6–10 age group.
Category: Education Policy

From hands to minds: Gestures promote understanding

By Kang, Seokmin; Tversky, Barbara
Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications
Gestures serve many roles in communication, learning and understanding both for those who view them and those who create them.
Category: Pedagogy