Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By ​Srikrishna Ayyangar
The Hindu
April 07, 2014
In an ideal world, the Indian voter would want both Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal as Prime Ministers at the same time. Growth enthusiasts supporting Mr. Modi and democracy enthusiasts with Mr. Kejriwal seek transparent policy processes...
By Anurag Behar
April 02, 2014
He is an imposing presence, the kind that will immediately put the lid on anyone’s road rage, even in Delhi. The white crown of hair on his head reinforces the intensity of his eyes. It’s almost as though he is continually glaring.
By ​Bharati Pandit
Anhad Kriti
March 30, 2014
बड़ी नाज़ुक, छुई-मुई सी थी मैं बचपन में .. बिल्ली की म्याऊँ सुनती तो डर जाती, छिपकली -चूहा देखती तो भागकर माँ के आँचल में सिमट जाती| माँ पुचकारती, पीठ थपथपाकर कहती, "बहादुर बनो बिटिया, जीवन में बहुत आगे जाना है अभी..."
By ​Bharati Pandit
Anhad Kriti
March 30, 2014
फागुन आयो रंग जमायो, गूँजे हँसी ठिठोली, ले पिचकारी रंगने निकली, हुरियारों की टोली
By ​Himanshu Upadhyay
India Together
March 19, 2014
The news stories describing the welcome that the cadre-police combine gave Arvind Kejriwal during his recent tour of Gujarat are all too familiar. The script of the drama that unfolded with the AAP leader being shown black flags, taken to...
By Anurag Behar
March 19, 2014
There is a lot of talk of accountability in education. This is directly related to the increasing anxiety about performance of schools, across the world, as well as in India. Most often the talk is of accountability of teachers.

Articles & Opinions

By Movkebaieva Zulfija, Oralkanova Indira, Uaidullakyzy Elmira
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
October 10, 2013
A key factor in the success of inclusive education is the future teachers’ professional competence to work with children with disabilities formation. In terms of inclusive education the teacher should have new conceptual thinking, the...
By Unianu Ecaterina Maria
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
July 09, 2013
Teachers’ perception, knowledge and behaviour in inclusive practice represent a very important topic of today's world. All the communities try to develop inclusive educational systems in order to create an inclusive society.
By Aishwarya Panicker
Accountability Initiative
June 11, 2013
MP’s are primarily known to don the part of a legislator- elected to debate & discuss issues of national importance, serve on committees and pass legislations of national relevance. The initiation of certain schemes, however, led to...
By Sriram Balasubramanian
Forbes India
May 27, 2013
There’s an urgent need to improve children’s knowledge of concepts rather than rote learning. For that to happen, teaching systems at the primary level must be overhauled
By G. Pramod Kumar
January 22, 2013
Do you expect a steady migration of students from government to private schools and a rapid fall in quality of education in a country where education is a constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right?
By Jay C. Percell
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
January 12, 2013
A grading system that eliminates points promotes intrinsic motivation and true content mastery among students. This article by an secondary school teacher describes his attempt to change the way of grading in his class by removing points...


Leaping the language gap: strategies for preschool and head start teachers

By Carolyn Davidson Abel et al
International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy
Strategies that promote the development of language skills are recognized as important in early childhood education. For early childhood centers and care providers, there are also additional concerns that interventions which meet these...
Category: Early Childhood Education Policy

Sustainability Education in Early Childhood: An Updated Review of Research in the Field

By Margaret Somerville, Carolyn Williams
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
The current paper addresses the question of whether there has been an increase in empirical research in the field since this review, and if so, what are the theoretical and methodological developments informing this research.
Category: Early Childhood Education

How Inclusive Is Higher Education in India?

By Tilak, Jandhyala B.G.
Social Change
In the broad context of inclusive growth policies in India, an examination of the growth and inequalities in the country’s higher education is attempted in this article with the help of rich data available from the National Sample Survey (...
Category: Social Inclusion

From the School Health Education Study to the National Health Education Standards: Concepts Endure

By Brandye D. Nobiling, Adrian R. Lyde
Journal of School Health
The landmark School Health Education Study (SHES) project influenced by the conceptual approach to teaching and learning provides perspective on modern school health instruction. Conceptual education, the cornerstone of the SHES curriculum...
Category: Health & Nutrition

Standardization of Primary Education in Great Britain

By Yelena B. Yarovaya
European Journal of Contemporary Education
The article examines the standardization of primary education as one of the development trends of the British school at the present moment in the context of improving its efficiency and quality.
Category: Education Policy

Student Teachers' Perceptions of their Role as Civic Educators: Evidence from a Large Higher Education Institution in England

By Andrew Peterson, Ian Durrant, Brendan Bentley
British Educational Research Journal
This paper presents the findings of a study concerned with student teachers' perceptions of their role as civic educators.
Category: Teacher Education