Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By ​Rohit Dhankar
Deccan Herald
October 11, 2012
Public Library, Sultana: Imagine a dusty village with a population of about 2000, a marketplace with about 40 shops in all, selling a variety of goods needed by the tough rustic community around it. Also imagine a 14X16 square feet room on...
By Anant Dixit
Journal of Agrarian Change
October 10, 2012
This paper analyses poverty and calorific undernourishment in the Indian state of Gujarat, where high and market-led industrial growth has resulted in rapid economic improvement. The study is carried out through a combination of secondary...
By Shreelatha Rao Seshadri, Lakshmi  Hebbare, Sandesh Kotte
Paper Presented at the 2nd National Conference on Bringing Evidence into Public Health Policy (EPHP 2012).
October 05, 2012
Despite long-term commitment to decentralization in India, progress towards a decentralized form of governance has been rather slow. In Karnataka, despite state compliance with decentralised governance legislation from the mid-1980s, local...
By Anurag Behar
October 03, 2012
Mujhe administrative me khinch lijiye, I heard this often as a kid. “Pull me in to the administrative side.” The translation loses the sense of urgency that it conveys in Hindi.
By Himanshu Upadhyaya
India Together
September 30, 2012
In August 2010, the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Pawan Chamling announced the Total Literacy Mission, 2015 - a vision to transform things in the state through equitable, holistic, inclusive and globally competitive education. The state...
By ​Samir Karmakar
Counter Currents
September 19, 2012
Each time on 21 st February with lots of hullaballoo mother tongue day is celebrated. With the passing of each year we become more aware about our linguistic right. With each document on linguistic empowerment, we realize linguistic...

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