Our Reach

The Azim Premji Foundation has field institutes in 40+ districts across 6 states and one union territory-- Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Puducherry, Rajasthan, Telangana and Uttarakhand. The district institutes work with government schools to improve the quality of teaching learning processes, build professional networks and reform curriculum along with related issues of education policy.The Foundation through the School of Continuing Education and University Resource Centre of Azim Premji University is also engaged in the North Eastern states and Jammu & Kashmir. Our main area of work is capacity building of senior functionaries at the state or district levels through workshops, courses, curriculum and material development. Currently, we do not have District Institutes in these locations.

The core idea is to improve quality of education and provide better learning experiences for children in government schools through improving the capacities of teachers at multiple levels. This is facilitated through multi-modal engagements - informal learning groups, short discussions,workshops, school visits, exposure visits etc.

The Foundation’s work in the field directly leverages and builds upon the rich experience gained through grass roots level engagements for fifteen years. All the work in the field has close linkages with the University to ensure a strong two-way connection between theory, research and actual practice.

The map represents the reach of the Foundation in terms of its District Institutes. The map also indicates the presence of Teacher Learning Centres established by the Foundation. The Teacher Learning Centre is a space located close to the residences of teachers equipped with resources and facilities (such as books, teaching learning materials, computers, etc.) which can be utilized by the local teacher community. The space acts as a hub for various teacher professional development activities such as workshops, discussion forums and other events.


  • Geetika Bhandari
    Barmer District Institute

    As part of the assessment team, I have the opportunity to interact with teachers and students from different districts across India. It has helped in shaping my perspectives on education and deepened my understanding of issues faced by teachers. This in turn has only strengthened my belief in the Foundation’s vision and my resolve to continue to work in this field.

  • Paresh Kumar Pandya
    Leader, Rajsamand District Institute

    I like the work culture of the Foundation where you have the freedom to explore within a large well-defined scope. It is a great opportunity to work with people from different domains. Here I have an opportunity to work and grow as interacting with the teachers and leading our team requires me to be constantly updated on the field of education.

  • Madhav Krishna
    Talent Partner-Field, Azim Premji Foundation

    Born and brought up in the hills of Uttarakhand, I always wanted to work here and to have the opportunity to be working for such a cause here, is almost like a dream. What has been a constant motivator for me over the past 5-6 years in the Foundation is the feeling of being able to do something new every day, the value given to ideas and the space available for dialogue. Individuals and their thoughts are greatly valued here, which is one of the most beautiful things about this organization.

  • Shubha HK
    Manager- Education for the Children of Migrant Labour (ECML)

    I am faced with challenges every day and at the same time I have a lot of freedom, opportunity and timely guidance to address them. I have plenty of opportunities to explore, to express, to experiment, to learn, to know, to enjoy. Every day brings a new lesson about working with children and parents of the migrant community at large. I continue to learn through this experience.

  • Harish Shah
    Head, Infrastructure Management Function

    While various aspects of my job are more or less similar to the corporate world, there is immense peace and satisfaction that I am able to use my experience and skills to indirectly contribute to a better education for children.

  • Sowmya N
    Mandya District Institute

    What I appreciate most about the organisation is that every employee is required to spend 25% of his/her time in self capacity building to contribute in a more effective manner in the field. There is an opportunity for everyone to learn and grow.