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Azim Premji Foundation publishes a wide variety of magazines in its primary domain of work – education. The magazines are multilingual to cater to a wide audience. They capture experiences and reflections of members across the Field Institutes who work on the ground to build capacities of teachers and education functionaries in the public education system.

At Right Angles

November 2017

The word ‘heuristics’ has always left me fumbling for the perfect definition. Rule of thumb seems adequate but too informal, as a teacher trainer, I’ve always preferred to illustrate rather than define this word. And the first article in the November issue does just that- Gaurav Bhatnagar, leads you gently into the Exponential Series- a heuristic definition! The relaxed tone continues with V. G. Tikekar setting the stage to arrive at formulae which are usually given and more

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January 2018

Schools are places for learning. This is true not just for children who are enrolled in schools but also for every teacher who interacts with children every day. Children present fresh perspectives on so many aspects of life that adults have become conditioned to see in limited ways.Our Fellows share little stories and reflections on what they have learnt in school from the children.
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Language and Language Teaching

Issue 11, January 2017

Published twice a year in January and July, Language and Language Teaching (LLT) reaches out to language teachers, researchers and teacher educators on issues and practices relevant to language teaching. The primary focus of the publication is language pedagogy in elementary schools. LLT proposes to establish a dialogue between theory and practice so that practice contributes to theory as much as theory informs practice. The purpose is to make new ideas and insights from research on language more

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I Wonder

Issue 03, February 2017

I wonder is a science magazine for middle school teachers. Our hope is that this magazine will encourage teachers/ educators to develop a broader/deeper understanding of this field, explore science in more experiential and personal ways, and find motivation and examples to integrate this understanding into their classrooms.
Brought out twice a year, each issue of the magazine will be available in English, Hindi and Kannada versions. Freely available online versions of every issue can more

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Learning Curve

Issue XXVIII, December 2017

What happens within the classroom has the power to change lives - for the better or for the worse. We ourselves know from our own school experiences of transactions which empowered or disabled or left us unmoved, according to the atmosphere in the classroom. This is not quite the same as the relationship between teacher and student, vital as that is. In this issue, we have a number of articles which explore the boundaries of the classroom and its importance as an investment for the future. more

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प्रवाह (Pravah)

September – November 2017 Past Issues

ಬಯಲು (Bayalu)

Issue 66, February 2018 Past Issues


Issue 15, February 2018 Past Issues

Students' Journal of Education and Development

Issue 04, November 2017

Students’ Journal of Education and Development (SJED) is a space where the student community of Azim Premji University talks to itself and the wider world about issues related to public importance and interest. This fourth edition of SJED brings together a collection of papers that takes this spirit of engagement forward with some insightful research articles, perspective building pieces, and notes.

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