Philanthropy -  Overview

At the Philanthropy, we make multi-year grants to not-for-profit organisations that work with the most vulnerable in our society. Through such support, people who are deeply disadvantaged and marginalised are offered immediate care, access to essential services, and the possibility of a dignified future.

Through our grants, we support a range of initiatives - at the level of a community of marginalised people, as well as at the level of the government service delivery systems. For instance, we support our partners to provide shelter to homeless people living on the streets of Kolkata, and support improving last-mile access to the welfare services for the communities living in the tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

Our teams working on each of our thematic areas focus on developing an understanding of the issues and building partnerships toward a common set of goals. We systematically engage with our partner organisations and communities to reflect and learn, with an aim to improve the lives of these communities.

Areas we work in

Through the grants, we support our partner organisations working in the following areas:

  • Gender justice: Women, adolescent girls, transgender & other gender minorities
  • Urban initiatives: Vulnerable people in urban spaces, including homelessness, identity/age-based discrimination, violations of labour rights, lack of access to welfare entitlements
  • Disability: Vulnerable persons with physical or intellectual disabilities, or mental health issues
  • Land, Water, Forest: Small and marginal farmers, water, Adivasis and other vulnerable communities such as landless, pastoralists and ‘de-notified’ groups
  • Children: Vulnerable children’s needs and rights for survival, development, protection and participation
  • Governance: Local democracy, last mile access to welfare services, access to justice for the vulnerable
  • Strengthening civil society: Building institutional capacity and programmatic understanding & delivery of CBOs and early-stage CSOs, and strengthening CSOs in the areas of leadership, governance, basic systems and processes
  • Constitutional values: Fellowships and youth programs to promote values enshrined in the Constitution
  • Health: Comprehensive primary care to improve community health for the most vulnerable