What's happening at Azim Premji Foundation


  • Community Learning Centre (CLC), Kodegaon Rayat

    The CLC, in a remote village in Chhattisgarh’s Dhamtari block, is a bright example of a community initiative for other villages across the country.

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  • Legal Representation for Undertrials in Maharashtra 2018–2021

    Azim Premji Foundation in collaboration with Project 39A, National Law University, Delhi and Prayas, TIS

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  • Towards Freedom: Our Associate’s journey

    Sariya Ali, Associate 2020–21, Barmer, writes about her year of immense learning, rising up to challenges, breaking down and then bouncing back.

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  • Public Lecture | Modernisation and its discontents: Lessons from a laboratory called India

    Are elections enough for democracy? Understand social relations in terms of citizenship in this lecture by Dipankar Gupta, a sociologist.

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  • Youth Leadership | Kashiyapecha, Manoharpur

    In Kashiyapecha, a village in Manoharpur, Nandlal Surin, a 20-year-old village head is taking his village in a new direction, understanding the full power of his Gram Sabha.

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  • Call for Articles | Daily dilemmas of teachers

    Inviting reflective short articles from school teachers in English, Hindi, Kannada, or any Indian language.

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  • Equip yourself to lead the change in Public Health

    Register your interest for admissions - Master of Public Health programme at Bhopal.

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  • NEP Dialogues | Rohit Kandkatla on service-based learning

    About implementing service-based learning in the context of a higher education institution and what it does to the teaching-learning environment

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  • Good Schools: Government Primary School, Dhamtari, Chattisgarh

    The belief that all children can learn, albeit in different modes and at their own pace, has made their classrooms inclusive in the true sense.

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  • Photo Video | Chronicling Covid-19 in India – The Healthcare Story of Northeast Karnataka

    The second in the photo stories, this video narrates the healthcare crisis in all nine districts of NE Karnataka and the herculean effort in response.

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  • Tanmoy Samanta
    Associate Batch 2017

    Azim Premji Foundation motivates you to immerse yourself from your own experience to appreciate a continuous and experiential learning process. Since the beginning of my professional journey, I have been given challenging opportunities to work with teachers and develop understanding of education, school and society. Azim Premji Foundation work culture has also influenced my personal growth immensely and encouraged me to look deeper in every aspect of education to contribute constructively for its betterment.

  • Antara Panda
    Associate Batch 2018

    The Associate program has proved to be the best platform for me as an employee. The full one year journey has been a journey of learning. This program has played a very important part in development of my personal life as well, in addition to my career. Being a student of Science, developing my skills in basics of Language and Mathematics has been very interesting. The democratic setup of learning and performance has been a new experience for me.

  • Pritam Gupta
    Associate Batch 2015

    The foundation is not just a career option, it is one of the fewest organization which allows you to grow not only as a professional but also as an individual. The journey has been amazing, and I take pride to be associated with such a profession and able to contribute for such noble cause.  

  • Praveen Uniyal
    Associate Batch 2016

    Foundation gives ample opportunities to explore Education, primarily the public education system and its teachers, being utterly integral to the system. This happens through field experiences, internal capacity enhancement workshops and formal or informal discussions. The values, vision and work culture enable a conducive environment of learning to grow and evolve with optimism towards change while being critically reflective and thus contributing to teacher professional development.

  • Kalpana Bisht 
    Associate Batch 2018

    The year in the foundation has been a fertile ground to test what we have read and learnt as theory in our classrooms. It gives ample opportunities to explore, think and reflect on not only education but each and every aspect that we see in the society.

  • Alok Singh
    Associate Batch 2016

    The journey of the Associate program gave me a good exposure to the kind of efforts being made in different contexts for improving the quality of education in our country.