We are continually looking for talented and motivated individuals interested in the area of education to work with us on our journey towards social change.

Working at the Foundation

The Foundation offers the unique opportunity to combine professional growth with social commitment and purpose.

You will be engaging with a talent pool of passionate and highly qualified members with four out of five possessing a masters or doctorate degree.

Experience an environment with high diversity where people from different backgrounds, cultures and domains of expertise are united by a common purpose.

Indulge in a culture of learning reading, reflecting and engaging with ideas in education and development.

We believe building knowledge through research is critical but this must be deeply rooted in practical ground realities for applicability. We provide the opportunity to apply theoretical principles in the practical testbed.

Working on the ground is a value for us. We love working on the ground and also believe in theorizing the practices. Creating knowledge out of work is something our members live day in and day out.


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At the University we are looking for academicians and field practitioners who resonate with our purpose and can combine teaching, research and practice.



At the Field we are looking for teachers and teacher educators who can work with us to improve the quality of teaching and learning processes within government schools. Our work not only includes working on school subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Languages (English/ Hindi/Kannada/Tamil) but addressing some of the fundamental beliefs about education and society. A potential recruit will be interested in all aspects of k-12 education including:

  • Improving the quality of educational processes and practices within schools across a district through capacity building of teachers, head teachers, teacher educators, and education functionaries

  • Designing and facilitating creative approaches to teaching and learning through workshops, teacher forums, seminars, melas etc in their chosen subject

  • Building networks of like-minded teachers and head teachers who are working in the same subject area

  • Residing at teacher towns and blocks where government school teachers reside and hence use the advantage of proximity

Over and above professional competencies, we are looking for individuals with the following attributes:

  • Strong belief in constitutional values

  • Deep commitment towards social change

  • Being analytical and rational

  • Respect for others

  • Patience and resilience to work for long-term goals

  • Ability to function in a team

Since we work primarily with government rural schools, potential employees should be willing to live and work in remote locations across the states.

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The enabling functions are based in the various district across the country as well as in Bangalore and consist of specialized teams that play a strategic role in the day-to- day operations of the organization:

  • Finance

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Infrastructure Management Function

  • People Function

  • Knowledge Resource Centre

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