Colloquium Series “Young Adults and Mental Health in a Changing World”

2018 Oct 12, Friday
Seminar Hall, 10th Floor, Pixel A (Azim Premji University)

About the Lecture

The lecture will address a few of the common mental health issues and challenges young people face in current times. It will also discuss advances in the understanding of neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry; insights on how one can navigate turbulent periods effectively; the importance of how young people can protect themselves, help their peers and minimize harm. (Note: The lecture is being organized as part of the Mental Health Week).  


About the Speaker

Professor Sunita Simon Kurpad completed her MBBS from St John’s Medical College, Bangalore and MRC Psychiatry from Cambridge University in the UK. She has been working as faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at St John’s for over twenty years and closely involved with clinical work, teaching and research. She currently heads the Department of Medical Ethics at St John’s. She has authored several scientific publications and has a special interest in boundaries in the doctor patient relationship. As Chair of the National Task Force on Boundary Guidelines of the Indian Psychiatric Society, she has been instrumental in drafting guidelines in India on this issue.