Webinar Series: Possibilities and Challenges of a Nai Talim School

2020 Jul 24, Friday
July 24th 2020, 6:30 pm–7:45 pm

As part of the Gandhi 150 webinar series the next conversation would be with Sushama Sharma on ‘Possibilities and Challenges of a Nai Talim School’.

Please do join us on YouTube live for the interaction:  Friday, July 24th 2020   6:30 pm – 7:45 pm ||  https://youtu.be/xm1mgEoq0t8

About the speaker:

Sushama Sharma, has worked for 15 years in rural India for the informal education of children through various out-of-school activities. She was also involved in developmental activities in the same villages. While doing this work, Sushama got involved in the revisualization of Anand Niketan School, which was reopened by Nai Talim Samiti in 2005. She now has the responsibility of managing this school as its Principal.

The webinar is on "Possibilities and Challenges of a Nai Talim School". Anand Niketan, located in the Sevagram Ashram premises where Gandhiji started his experimental educational system in 1937, is one of the few schools in the country adopting the ‘Nai Talim’ approach. Sushama Sharma shares her experiences of reviving a Nai Talim school and running it with an alternative vision in today's context. The need to think of the Gandhian perspective on education is even more today and the Anand Niketan school gives us a working model.

The talk will be followed by a Q & A session.