Webinar Series: The Process of Becoming Gandhi

2020 Jun 19, Friday
June 19th 2020 6:30 pm–7:45 pm

As part of the Gandhi webinar series the next talk would be with Prasanna Heggodu on  ‘The Process of Becoming Gandhi’.

Please do join us on YouTube live for the interaction:  Friday, June 19th 2020   6:30 pm – 7:45 pm ||  https://youtu.be/2LeavhR3c3M

About the speaker:

Prasanna Heggodu, founder of ‘Charaka’ (a women’s empowerment  movement in Bhimanakone village of Shimoga district), ‘Desi Trust’, ‘Ragi Kana’, ‘Sharmajeevi Ashram’ and mentor of the ‘Gram Seva Sangh’ (a federation of constructive work organizations), has spearheaded and enabled social constructive work through Gandhian values and practices. He also founded the theatre group, ‘Samudaya’, and is a pioneer of modern Kannada theatre. He has written several plays in Kannada including ‘Seema Paar’, ‘Haddu Meerida Haadi’ and adapted Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj for the Kannada theatre. Prasanna is a ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi’ awardee and a recipient of the “Mahatma Gandhi Seva Award-2018 Karnataka” for his contributions towards building a Gandhian society.

The webinar is on ‘The Process of Becoming Gandhi’. Looking at Gandhi, we understand that Gandhi was always in the process of making himself. He had a strong urge of inner making and of realizing it in his own self first before it went out into the larger social and public milieu. In this sense, Gandhiji is both a product and a process. The process, or the path one undertakes to reach the goal, vanishes after the journey is over, i.e  after the product is made. Our difficulty is that we can only see the product and not the process. The process matters. Not just reading about it, but to go through that. We need to go through the process Gandhiji went through. That is the need of the hour. Prasanna has chosen to speak on this. He has rich personal lived experiences of this and will narrate them.  

The talk will be followed by a Q & A session.